Monday, January 9, 2012

Autumn Hawk Beauty Interview

I am thrilled that I have the chance to interview Autumn Hawk. She is the woman behind the "RED ZIPPER" dresses. NY based clothing designer. Yes ladies and gentlemen she is the fabulous owner of this brand and clothing line. She has style, beauty, brains and a good heart.

You can visit her clothing website and you will love her style.

I wanted to let my blog viewers read more about her beauty. I am sure she is used to clothing questions but this time we are going to change it up!

Gisell: You have gorgeous hair Autumn so give us the 411 and who is your hairdresser?

Autumn: I get a lot of questions where I get my locks maintained!! Even though I live in New York, I travel to Massachusetts every few months. There's an amazing salon there by the name of "VILLAGE HAIR DESIGNERS" Its located at 236 Elm st in South Dartmouth. Why do travel 4 hours to get my hair done? Because they are the best. My sister, Cheyenne Hawk is my stylist and I don't just love her work because she is my sister. I love it because she is always educating herself on the latest in hair. There's a real science to hair and if stylists aren't really savvy it can be a disaster. The other reason is the salon has only 2 chairs which I love. It gives a real VIP feel and its about the client in the chair! Owner, Rachael Houde makes sure of that! I also have a salon in my home and Cheyenne makes house calls when I cant get to Dartmouth.

Gisell: What hair product line do you use at home? Any special product you can't live with out?

Autumn: Cheyenne turned me on to a product called "MOROCCAN OIL" that im obsessed with. It literally changed the way my hair feels. It behaves now and is great when I am on vacation. It really stands up to humidity.

Gisell: How often do you get cuts/trims?

Autumn: I get trims about every 3 months.

Gisell: Let's talk about your skin? Favorite face lotion? and favorite body lotion? Where do you shop for your beauty needs?

Autumn: My skin is a work in progress. I have been experimenting with several products lately. I love the pure vitamin C serum. I believe it's the fountain of youth.

Gisell: Do you get facials if so how often? You should visit me sometime, I am the best Esthetician in my town!

Autumn: I do get facials about 3 times a year. I live for a great spa treatment! I'd love to visit your spa.

Gisell: Do you do your makeup? If so what foundation do you use?

Autumn: I just discovered a makeup called YOUNGBLOOD (also sold at Village Hair Designers) Its amazing mineral makeup. I really love it because its so light in weight yet gives amazing coverage and the brushes are so much better in quality than the bare minerals or even MAC brushes i own.

Gisell: What makeup and/or hair product you are obsessing at the moment? If any.

Autumn: YOUNGBLOOD mascara is probably my big obsession right now. It lengthens my lashes without clumping. Its a great formula!

Gisell: Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick?

Autumn: I'm a lip glossaholic! If you were to go into my bag right now you would find about 8-10 tubes of it!

Gisell: What perfume do you wear?

Autumn: I wear JIMMY CHOO perfume. It's exclusive sold to Saks. It's feminine and not overpowering.

Gisell: What is your motto?

Autumn: I have a lot of mottos! lol! I call it "Hawk Talk" I'm the sort of person who really believes what I preach. If I had to narrow it down to one line I'd say " BELIEVE IT AND RECEIVE IT!" I truly believe as women we capable of anything. I believe the universe wants to give us everything.

Gisell: If you could work with any famous designer who would it be and why?

Autumn: My favorite designer right now is Victoria Beckham. Her designs are clean and feminine. Her empire is worth 90 Million. She isn't only a great designer but a good business woman also!

Once again I want to thank you for your time. I hope you and my viewers enjoyed this interview. Everyone you can follow Autumn on twitter @realautumnhawk and me as well @gisellstylist

Feel free to leave any positive comments below.

Gisell xoxo


  1. Hey, I tagged you for an award in my recent blog post :)

  2. you are so lucky to have been able to interview her! she is definitely gorgeous AND intelligent- a combo that makes an inspiring interview.

    much love,
    lauren xoxo

    1. Thank u lauren.I'm glad u visit my blog and comment. Autumn is a sweet doll.