Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why You Need Color Correctors?

I don’t know about you, but achieving a smooth canvas with my skin is number one on my list when it comes to makeup. Before I even begin to think about adding any sort of glam, color or dramatic effects, I want to look even-toned. No blotches, dark circles or spots – just smooth and clear. But knowing how to achieve that can sometimes feel complicated. So I thought I’d break it down with these makeup essentials. Trust me when I tell you they’ll change the way you do your makeup. Read on for all the details.

Makeup Essentials: Why You Need Color Correctors
One of the best ways to achieve that is by using one of my favorite products: The Motives Color Correction Quad. Sounds super simple – and, it is. Designed to help you even out your skin tone and correct even the most stubborn blemishes, it’s an essential for your makeup kit and one you soon will not be able to live without.

Here’s how it works:
Using the Motives® new Color Correction Guide, you’ll quickly learn how to make the color correction quad your new best friend. Depending on the type of skin you have and what you’d like to correct, you’ll start to see that different colors in the quad will combat different areas of concern.

Motives Launches Color Correction Guide: How to Use It

Start by selecting your concern to learn how to achieve your flawless finish. You can choose from:
  • Dark Circles
  • Redness
  • Dark Spots
  • Dullness
Even though the colors in the quad don’t seem like they’ll even out your skin tone and hide even the most stubborn blemishes – they will! It’s all about using the right combination to achieve the desired effect. And, the best part about this – you’re not just covering your imperfections, you’re correcting them.
By using the simple color correction guide, you’ll learn how to conceal dark circles and discoloration, counteract redness, and brighten dull skin for an instantly-luminous, even-toned complexion. I have to admit, it’s like science and magic came together – because it works like a charm, and it’s the perfect way to prep your face before you move on to foundation.


New Motives Color Correction Quads
SAMPLE: Here’s how to combat circles for “Light” skin:
  1. Brighten dark, under-eye circles with peach
  2. Use Motives® Color Correction Quad: No. 1 (Light to Medium)
  3. Use the concealing shade tan from No. 2 (Tan to Deep) to expertly blend color correcting shades into the skin
  4. Refer to your selected complexion image for optimal shade placement and application technique
  5. Follow with your routine application of foundation and you’re off!
So, what do you think? Will you give this great product a try? For me, it’s the perfect solution for those tough to manage blemishes and uneven skin tone issues that typically leaves me frustrated and feeling dull. And, now…I can’t live without the color correction quads.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Neocell Products for Thinning Hair

I have been using NeoCell products for a few months now with truly amazing results. My hair was thin, dry and dull before. Now I have lots of new hair growth, minimal hair loss, increased volume, shine and strength! These are the very best products for hair, skin and nails that I have ever seen or tried. NeoCell delivers real results that you can see!

NeoCell Beauty Infusion Collagen drink comes in three delicious flavors. I have the Tangerine Twist flavor, which was delicious! This isn’t just a collagen drink either. Each serving of NeoCell Beauty Infusion Collagen drink contains 6,000 MG of NeoCell collagen™ Type 1 & 3, 50 MG of Hyaluronic Acid for skin hydration & renewal, 3,000 MCG of Biotin for support of strong hair & nail growth, and Alpha Lipoic Acid & Vitamin C for protection from free radical damage & enhancement of collagen formation. You get a power packed drink in every single scoop. The collagen drink can be mixed with water or any non-dairy drink that you choose. I enjoyed this collagen drink so much. The orange flavor was natural tasting and delicious. It wasn’t overly sweet or bitter tasting at all. The drink mix was also very easy to mix with water which was what I used.

If you are experiencing the same symptoms or know someone who is, it is worth it to try out these products. For more information, please follow NeoCell on Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cougar Beauty Products

Women, and men who wear makeup often forget what a fresh face feels and looks like. Letting your face breathe is what your face needs as your facial skin is the most sensitive, especially with what we expose our surface to most. Cougar Beauty Products  allows anyone to expose natural ingredients to their most sensitive organ.
Say hello to your best and true beautiful with these two products we can now not stop raving about. The Bee Venom Cleansing Cream and Snail Slime Daily Moisturizer can all be used to bring out the true beauty in what most hide under a full face of makeup, and in that order! All two of those products can be found together, in their website.

This Daily Cleanser is perfect for all skin types and the benefits are amazing! This Cleanser kills bacteria, clears blemishes, preserves your natural oils, and removes dirt! You can use this Cleanser to clean your skin before executing any makeup routine.

Take your Cleanser and: 
  • Step 1: Wet your face using warm water to open up your pores.
  • Step 2: Add Cleanser to your hand.
  • Step 3: Lather that goodness all over your face!
  • Step 4: Rinse and repeat in the morning and before bed!
  • Step 5: Enjoy your smooth, clear skin
  • Step 6: Followed with the  moisturizer

To finish off your routine explained above, you’ll want to apply the moisturizer cream. With Cougar Beauty, our suggested option is the Cougar Beauty Snake Venom Day Moisturizer. Moisturizing creams are one of the most important steps to any daily regimen. Cougar Beauty moisturizing creams are loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants are useful to your skin, also, containing Cougar Beauty’s proprietary Snake Venom, this cream also helps tighten and firm the skin when applied.
Day Moisturizer
  • Benefits: Hydrates and refreshes the skin to help reduce dryness, environmental damage, and premature signs of aging
  • How to Use It: Apply the leave-on moisturizer once or twice daily as needed
  • 1.75 fl. oz.
I only provided the essential foundation to your Cougar Beauty routine. You’re encouraged to explore our full range of Cougar Beauty products. Substitute any similar product for our suggestions, based on your personal needs and preferences. That’s the beauty of this versatile product range. Cougar Beauty has you covered, no matter your skin type!


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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Define and Embrace Your Pretty Curls


If you have natural curly hair, you understand that it can be a challenge to maintain. You see women in magazines with beautiful defining curls with no trace of imperfection, and you tell yourself, “I WANT THAT”! But how?

Curls is whole-heartily dedicated to controlling, moisturizing, de-frizzing, and embracing the natural curls of every woman and man out there. Curly hair is bold, natural, and beautiful. If one’s hair is not naturally straight, straight hair must be obtained by applying heat. Whether you blow dry your hair to a straight finish or straighten your hair between two hot plates, or the use of a hot tool styling brush, heat is always the answer whether we like it or not. Most individuals do not know how to properly apply heat to their hair to avoid damage at all costs, including the right temperature to use. Taking a break from straightening and heating your hair to avoid heat overload, let your hair breathe and rest naturally. If you have naturally wavy or super curly hair once wet and naturally set, you want to take care of them, the right way. Naturally curly hair needs to be moisturized and maintained.

Blueberry Bliss Cleanser is a shampoo dedicated to weightless waves. If you are curious to know if this is for you and your hair, this is geared towards those with wavy hair that need weightless moisture. This cleanser gives the perfect amount of hydration. The light, moisturizing formula, made with organic ingredients, that fights frizz, detangles and sets you up for a defined, wavy look. After using this product I found their wavy hair so lightweight and it lasted all day! Curious on how to use it?
  • Apply cleanser to wet hair, focusing on the ends.
  • Use your fingers to gently glide the product through your waves to moisturize and detangle.
  • Rinse as needed.
Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask

For those of you with super dry curls, especially from putting excessive heat to it, Curl Hair Intense Moisture Treatment is for you! This rich, creamy, deep Conditioning Treatment drenches dehydrated hair with Chamomile for long-lasting moisture, protection and shine.

How to use:
  • Glide a generous amount through wet hair with your fingertips and let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse well. Use one to two times per week or as needed.

This is me loving my curls!

Contact Janelle for more information:

Janelle L. Sands
Natural Products for Your Natural hair
Brand  Educator
Contact: (325) 733-8394
Website: www.curls.biz

Their product line is 100% sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Klō Organic Beauty Oils Purify and Moisturize for Radiant Skin

Klō Organic Beauty is a sister-owned company in The Beautiful Berkshires. They create small batches of 100% toxin-free, organic luxury skin care. They are proud to use only the best oils to heal and illuminate skin.Website: https://klobeauty.com

Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, it’s not about one extreme or the other when it comes to your skincare routine; it’s about choosing the right oils that diminish the concerns of all skin types, without leaving skin unbalanced. So even if you have blemished skin, don’t be afraid of oil-based products; simply choose the ones meant for your skin type. Oils can actually be a heavenly, God-send to those with acne. With all the beauty brands out there, you’ll want to reach for the best quality organic ingredients, and that’s why I am writing this post.

Both RE3 the oil cleanser and serum are made with both essential and skin-specific oils that all work together to purify pores, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, regenerate cells, heal existing skin abrasions, reduce pore size, and moisturize the skin. The oils also fade the appearance of dark spots and scarring, brightening the skin. All of these skin-loving components help to evenly balance the oils in your skin, leaving you with smooth, clear and radiant skin that will have you glowing naturally. With both having relaxing oil aromas, with the Grapefruit Essential Oil being the most powerful scent. These Scents are purely organic and unlike other artificial fragrances, won’t irritate skin and clog pores.

My Opinion: I have been using these products for days on a daily basis. My skin loves it and the radiance glow is to die for. I am obsesses and so will you. Check out my Instagram on my post on Klo Products (beautybygisell)

Make sure you visit and browse their site at:

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Happy New Year 2017!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

"Vampira' by Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick

I knew immediately that I would like Vampira, but I had no idea just how much I would love it until I put it on. I am obsessed with it—this is the perfect burgundy shade I’ve always wanted. My inner Goddess practically cried with love for this shade. It goes perfect with almost all skin tones. I decided to have bold eyes and bold lips just because that is what I like. I also love Kat because her cosmetics are cruelty free.

This innovative Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is infused with vitamins A, C, and E for added hydration. The next-generation formula gives lips long-lasting wear and high-pigment color with a smooth matte finish.

Kat Von D Vampira is a warm burgundy with a matte finish that is permanent and retails for $20.00 and contains 0.22 oz.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Smile Brilliant Whitening System Plus a Giveaway

Smile Brilliant is easy, convenient, and delivers the same results that you’d get from a professional teeth whitening service at the fraction of the cost. Depending on one of the three packages that you choose, their prices range from $119.95 – $154.95! To ensure the perfect customized dental trays, they send three sets of dental impression material that consists of catalyst paste and base paste to combine and place in the blue plastic trays that come with this kit. These blue plastic trays, which are reminiscent of a mouth guard, are not the trays that you’ll be using later for whitening your teeth.

Keeping the impression trays in was a little tricky for me since my gag reflex can easily be triggered when having to keep something in my mouth for a certain length of time. Somehow I made it through the process and made near perfect dental impressions to mail back to Smile Brilliant’s lab to receive my customized trays. They receive impressions within 3-4 business days and approximately 6-10 business days if shipped internationally. The custom whitening trays are created and mailed off within 5 days after the impressions are received.

Overall I love this product and my teeth are super white. I recommend it! Browse the website and take a look for yourself.


GIVEAWAY! Make sure you visit and enter the giveaway. The winner will win $75 of credit toward their own kit.  

Good Luck!

Monday, December 19, 2016


My daughter has contacted them nicely many times so they can pay. They both refuse to pay so we will take them to court and also spread the word so buyers do not get fooled by purchasing products they write about. 

HER REAL NAME IS Vyachesla Tkach, AKA AS Kay Tea

MyTopFace.com is a blog that reviews products and then blog about it. I am here to let companies know that they do not review products before writing a post. If you see all their post, they write how good they are and how My Top Face expert agrees. Well there is no experts lol. They just write without reviewing and I think that is not ethical to do. Unlike me and many other legit bloggers we accept products we try it for weeks and then we give our honest opinion. How do I know this? I know this because I have written for them and also my daughter worked with them for about 6 months.

Also, my daughter quit working with them and they REFUSE to pay what they owe her for her writing for them. They hire ghost writers which is nothing wrong with that but they refuse to pay and lie about their content. All they do is block her on all social medias.

My Top Face handles
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mytopface/
linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mytopface
Kay: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kay-tea-878692119
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mytopface/
Website: mytopface.com
Twitter @eyemakeupguide 

They also wrote a Craigslist post to blast my daughters phone number. How professional!!!! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

VII Code Eye Mask

VII Code's O2M Oxygen Eye Mask is an overnight eye mask designed to treat dark circles and fine lines. The pads are coated with a cool gel infused with essential vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, botanicals, peptides and fatty acids. The mask can be left on for up to eight hours while it works to hydrate and brighten the under eye area. The recommended usage is two to three times per week for maximum effect -- for best results, three boxes of a course of treatment. Each box contains six eye masks.

Application is easy -- gently press the pads to the skin, and the gel adheres and conforms to the under eyes.

VIIcode Oxygen Eye Masks are made with a gel-like material and are meant to provide a refreshed and bright-eyed look to the under-eye area.  They are so easy to use!  Just remove the two eye masks from the package, take off the top protective layer and gently press them on to the under-eye area.  You can leave these on for up to 8 hours, perfect for an overnight treatment.  They stick really well (no slipping) and are quite comfortable on the skin.

After I remove the eye masks, my under-eye area is less puffy and more hydrated, looking less tired.  I’m sure over the course of several treatments, the benefits will only get better.  You can apply the eye masks two or three times a week. VIIcode recommends the use of three boxes for a full course treatment to get the best results.  There are typically no “miracle products” but it is so nice to use these eye masks to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles over time.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sibu Skin Cleanser and Seed Oil

Seed Oil (top left)

I love just about every kind of beauty product, but I really adore those that are natural and organic. I always try to find products that are not only good for the planet and good for my skin, but that make my skin look good. Because many times, good for you products still don't make you look your best. Recently I tried a product that is both. Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil from Sibu Beauty
is a wonderful product.

You only need a very small amount and it makes your skin feel soft, smooth and nourished. I brightens your skin tone and helps to reduce acne, rosacea and eczema. It also helps to diminish wrinkles. Even more amazing, this oil also works to treat burns and wounds. I would buy this for that alone. I burn myself semi often and it is awful. Burns are one of the worst pains on the planet.

All of these benefits make for one awesome universal product, but the price makes this even sweeter. I never skimp on cost to get the best for my skin, but when I find something great that is also affordable, it really makes my day.

Cleanser (top left)

This is a brand that has grown to include internal supplement products and a full range of topical skincare products specially targeted for problematic skin. The brand is sold both online as well as in various stores in both the US and Canada. The key ingredient in this skincare line is the sea buckthorn plant which is said to host an abundance of beneficial properties.

On the website, this cleanser is deep and gentle, effective for every age. In addition to its antibacterial properties, it gently removes dirt, impurities and make-up while maintaining a healthy balance to your skin without stripping it of its natural properties. This is also said to keep your face fresh, clean and perfectly balanced. 

Love this product! This one has a very subtle citrus scent to it and contains very small exfoliating particles. This product thoroughly cleansed my skin and left it feeling very hydrated, light and refreshed. My face did not feel stripped afterwards and was perfect for the hot summer months - cleaning the oil, clogged pores etc. I liked the product enough to possibly repurchase it again in the future, however as a beauty blogger (I have mentioned this before), I always want to try out new products and brands in skincare. 

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Boutique & Beauty Bar


Boutique & Beauty Bar: Recipe for a Unique Shopping Experience

There’s always a risk when you create something new. Will people like it? Will it succeed? Will it be worth it?

When Madonna and Co. re-launched in Mid-town East Side, (bordering on the Upper-East Side) from our former location in Soho, we emerged as a different entity, incorporating what made us great in the past, but with new additions. We were more.

In addition to our new location on 60th street, we opened a full service salon and beauty bar within the store, bringing to a life a completely unique shopping experience.

Fashion and Beauty: An Innovative Convergence

The inclusion of the beauty bar inside our boutique converged the worlds of fashion and beauty in a way that’s never been done. For the first time, women have the opportunity to receive comprehensive beautification in a one-stop shop.

Bringing together fashion and beauty as we have done was not without risk, but innovation always involves a leap of faith. New creations don’t arise from the ether. Innovation comes as the result of unique combinations, whether it be a boutique and a beauty bar, our designs and exclusive designer capsule collections, or glam and chic, etc. Creating one-of-a-kind experiences from unique combinations is what Madonna & Co. has always done.

Our willingness to break barriers and defy categorization is what makes our selection of fashion and accessories so vibrant and original. All of the clothing in our store has been designed and hand picked from collections around the world. By dealing with the designer themselves and direct with our factories, we are able to offer luxury items at affordable prices.

The vast selection of unique affordable clothing featured in our shop is what makes us the best NYC boutique operating today. By shopping at Madonna & Co., you receive the peace of mind in knowing that you’ll never cross paths with someone wearing the same outfit; one-of-a-kind, wearable and affordable clothes for independent woman is what we do.

Community of Independent Women

While the ability to get a full-service haircut, styling, and complete makeup treatment in the same place where you find all of your exclusive designs and luxury clothing is extremely convenient, the impetus behind opening the beauty bar had more to do with community than convenience.

We wanted to create a space where independent women from all walks of life and ages could come together to shop, socialize, and express their femininity. We imagined a world where the social aspects of a salon coalesced with the activity of shopping. Our love of fashion and beauty led us to invent a world that unites these spheres and offers women a place to have fun and engage in a dialogue about fashion and style.

At Madonna & Co. we believe in creating a personal style. We see it as our job to assist women in crafting their own individual aesthetic. Every woman that walks through our doors is a unique assemblage of beliefs, values, and traits. Her aesthetic preferences are a function of her entire worldview and identity.

Creating the perfect outfit involves a translation of sorts. Our aim is to help the women who shops in our store translate their core identity into an aesthetic that embodies and represents who they really are and how they feel. Every woman who comes into our store receives a unique treatment that results in a unique style – whether her preferences lean towards glam, chic, posh, or edgy.

The beauty bar allows us to take the crafting of a unique style one step further. In addition to helping women find their dream new fashions, our stylists bring years of experience and knowledge to the table, assisting women realize their dream hairstyle!

We offer every customer a free consultation at the salon and beauty bar before her first appointment. This consultation gives us the chance to learn about what the specific customer likes about her hair or makeup styling and what she’d like to change. Our stylists and make-up artists will then present some possible ways to enhance the aspects of her appearance that the customer would like to shake up.

While our head stylist is an expert in all types of hair, her specialty is curly hair and we call her "The Curly Hair Expert." Our custom line of No Frizz Miracle Gel – designed specifically for curly hair – mirrors this focus.

Come Join our Community

What are you waiting for? Come join in on the fun! Today’s the perfect day to unleash the beauty within you and find that perfect outfit you’ve been longing for.

Booking an appointment at the salon and beauty bar can be done either by phone or via styleseat.com or on our new on-line store www.MadonnaAndCo.com, for your convenience.

We also provide off-site makeup & hair services as well and can help you plan the perfect party or host all kinds of events in our luxurious boutique, including bridal/baby showers, fashion product launches, etc.

So come on down today and introduce yourself!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Vampire Makeup for Halloween 2016

Practicing a look for Friday. A little something different than my usual glam makeup! Out my #comfortzone How about a messy #vampire #vampiremakeup #vampiregirl Eye Makeup using #bhcosmetics #Eyeliner Little Black dress from #motivescosmetics #lashes #eylurelashes Red lips using #Kyliecosmetic #edgychic #brows from #kabrow #bloody #bloodmakeup #mua #nyxcosmetics #contour and #highlight #makeupfoundation from #tartecosmetics #hudabeauty #abh

Monday, October 24, 2016

Monat Hair Products

MONAT is naturally-based, gluten free, sustainable and cruelty free.   We use only the finest and safest ingredients.   MONAT products do not contain Parabens, Sulfates, DEA/MEA, Phthalates, PEG, Harsh Salt Systems, Silicones, Harmful colors, or Harmful fragrances.  Our Treatment Systems provide powerful, clinical results that address the effects of the environment, chemicals, product overuse and — most importantly — hair thinning, hair loss and aging.

**I only received  small samples, not actual bottle sizes of these products and my opinion is my honest opinion** so I tried it once. 

I tried the RENEW shampoo. I instantly loved the scent, but I was really impressed with the rich, creamy lather. It felt very luxurious and rinsed very clean. What I liked was that after I rinsed, my hair didn't feel straw-like as it typically does after shampooing and before conditioning. It felt clean and smooth and moisturized.

Apprehensively, upon exit of the shower and gently towel blotting my hair, I applied a dime to nickel size amount of the leave-in conditioner you see here:
It instantly absorbed into my hair, it left my hair with so much volume and body.

This is a prime example of high-quality products doing exactly what they say they will.

Rejuvenique Intensive Oil

I love how this oil just sinks into the skin. I have used it on my face for my dry skin and on my hair too. My hair is damaged from coloring so it does need some love. It can also be used after shampooing as a conditioning treatment. Apply to damp hair, then place a towel over hair. Leave on for 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse. Hair will be shiny and soft. Style as usual. Use as an anti-frizz treatment too, just apply a small amount to damp hair and work throughout hair. Style as usual. For skin, apply on skin after cleansing and let sink in prior to moisturizer. Can also be used on any area of skin that need extra moisture, such as elbows, knees or feet. 

Otherwise, I adore it. I used it twice and I look forward to seeing how it works long-term! I am growing my hair out, and I think this will help so much in keeping it manageable so I don't wind up whacking it off.
The price is definitely expensive for someone on a budget. However, if you can afford it, or are looking for a good splurge, I would highly recommend giving it a try!

What are your favorite hair products? Let me know!

How it works:
    •Protects skin and hair from damaging environmental influence
    •Helps naturally replenish sebum (the skin and scalp’s natural oils)
    •Alleviates dehydration caused by harsh cleaners and styling products
    •Replenishes the hair and skin by absorbing quickly and completely
    •Delivers significant shine, strength and manageability

Abyssinian: The Key ingredient in Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive. From the crambe abyssinica plant native to central Africa, it’s a rare and unique combination of fatty acids prized for their ability to do everything from mimic the effects of silicon for unbeatable shine; lubricate the hair deep into the follicle; and protect and coat each strand.

Baobab: The renowned baobab trees have grown for centuries in the arid climates of India and Africa, and its exotic oil from the tree’s seeds are rich in antioxidant-rich palmitic acid and Vitamin F.

Buriti: The fruit of Africa’s Moriche palm – known as the Tree of Life – is one of the world’s richest sources of beta-carotene, which moisturizes and nourishes.

Camelia: Also known as tea-seed oil, it’s ultra-hydrating oil responsibly harvested from China that cleans the scalp and pampered dry stands thanks to its abundance of Vitamin E and polyphenols.

Carrot Seed: Specially sourced from the mountains of Switzerland, it’s rich in Vitamin A to condition the scalp, plus Alpha Linolenic Acid for anti-inflammatory protection.

Monoi: Selectively sourced from the warm tropics of Tahiti, it’s a restorative oil rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids to heal damage and promote growth from the root.

Meadowfoam: This oil is sourced right from the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Named for its flowers’ resemblance to white foam on the ocean, meadowfoam oil is another outstanding source of Omega 9 fatty acids for shine and sheen.

Moringa: Ancient Egyptians prized Moringa Oil for its nourishing properties, thanks to antioxidants and Vitamin E, which help combat skin fatigue, plus clean and purify the scalp.

For more information please check them out on their website at nancywilhem.mymonat.com or email her directly at nancy.monat@yahoo.com

Thursday, October 20, 2016

PRO T.L.S. Mascara, Gel Liner and Brush by Studio Gear Cosmetics

My Review: 
I love the thickness of the mascara and leaves my lashes without looking clumpy. I love that it really makes my lashes appear to be fake. I did not have any issue with transfer onto my lids. The consistency isn't really wet so you can use it right away without having to let it sit out with the lid off like some mascaras. I think this mascara is amazing and worth every penny!

This is the most beautiful shade, it is everything I was hoping it would be. I have been using it on my water line, as a base and smoking it out.  It has great lasting power, and has quickly became one of my favorite liners. When used as a base I had no problems with it creasing. It is not black as you can see it is more of an earth tone. I love it so much I have been wearing it everyday.

Be sure to check them out on all their social media websites!

and do not forget to hashtag #SGearCosmetics  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Glitter Under the Eyes

This look is simple. You are never to old to wear glitter! Remember makeup is not permanent ladies. Play!!!! #glitter #motivescosmetics #blackberry #eyelashes #narscosmetics #blush #anastasiabeverlyhills foundation stick.

More information and pictures on my Instagram at gisell_hairstylist

Monday, October 10, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Stick

I am foundation obsessed. I am currently pushing 40 years old so I need all the help I can get. If you are a regular readers of this blog you know I am obsessed with skin care products. This post will not be about skincare but it is for the new Anastasia Beverly Hill Stick Foundation

I accidently went in to Ulta lol and while I was browsing isles I ran into ABH counter. I decided to try the new stick which is raving all over Instagram. Let me tell you it is so good. So light and buildable. You can use it for light coverage some days or full coverage other days. So FLAWLESS and that is why I love it.

My shade is Neutral Beige

In the pics I do have a full face makeup application. If you need details comment on post and I will share. If you have Instagram then check it out, I do write all details on my IG
Follow me at Gisell_Hairstylist
thank you for reading.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Exuviance Overnight Recovery Masque

Every day, skin is exposed to the damaging effects of the environment—pollution, UV exposure, extremes of temperature and humidity. Now you can help sleep away the day's damage and wake to beautiful, revitalized skin. This unique water-gel masque melts into skin, working while you sleep to attack the damage from everyday factors that can age your skin. A potent Anti-Pollution Complex, including antioxidant Lilac Cell Culture Extract and PHA/Bionics, helps neutralize the effects of daily pollution and environmental damage such as free radicals and harmful metals, that can break down collagen and prematurely age the look of skin. Overnight, Prodew® refills deep reserves of natural skin moisture known as NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), restoring a feeling of suppleness and comfort. PHA/Bionics and Evening Primrose Oil strengthen skin's protective barrier for a stronger, more resilient tomorrow. Awake to beautiful skin with the damage behind you, deeply hydrated and stronger.

Exuviance Overnight Recovery Masque Features and Benefits:
  • Hydrates skin.
  • Smoothes skin texture.
  • Restores skin while you sleep.
How To Use Exuviance Overnight Recovery Masque:
After cleansing, smooth across the face and neck, massaging very lightly to allow masque to melt into the skin. Wait 5 minutes as powerful ingredients absorb. To seal in the benefits of the masque, follow with your usual nighttime moisturizer. Leave on overnight. Rinse in the morning and follow with regular morning skincare routine.

My opinion:

This was by far, one of my favorite masks. The texture is perfect, a thick creamy white paste which is so easy to apply to the face and easy still to remove.
This mask have left my skin feeling refreshed, soft, hydrated but more importantly, looking healthy!
I can’t express how much I love this mask. I’m most definitely buying this again.
The smell is amazing, the packaging is amazing, and for once, the results are amazing.
A million thumbs up!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Queen Odelia Skin Products

Queen Odelia Foot Cream, Face Moisturizer and Face Serum

About the Product

Foot Cream:          
  • EASY AND QUICK ABSORPTION- This Moisturizing Foot Cream quickly penetrates and provides you Soft and Smooth Feet with no oily traces.
  • EXACT RIGHT SIZE FOR YOU- This Foot Cream for cracked heels contains 120 ml (4 oz) of smooth cream so that you can stash it inside your bag and have it on you at all times.
  • ANTI SKIN-AGING EFFECT- This Foot Cream protects your feet from exposure to damaging chemicals and from extreme temperature changes that come with the winter
The Queen Odelia skin care Moisturizer and Serum (pic below) line is beautifully packaged. The day cream and serum both come in large gold jars while the serum is in a long gold tube. The all have gold screw on tops. The design is clean and the color makes them easy to find among all of my other skin care products on your beauty counter.

During the day I wash my skin and then apply the facial serum before the day cream. The serum is fairly light and easy to spread. It absorbs into the skin quickly so that there’s no waiting time before I can  begin to apply the cream over it. The moisturizer, on the hand, is fairly thick but also absorbs quickly and is easy to spread.

It has given my skin a beautiful, healthy glow which makes it look younger. It also feels very smooth which is impressive.

Queen Odelia Day Cream – For a protective layer and smoother skin. The benefits of theproduct include ‘Daily application of Queen Odelia’ day cream will protect your skin and give it a lift. Additionally, the natural moisturizers in the cream will give your skin a soft glow that will make you feel fierce and empowered.

      Queen Odelia Facial Serum – Corrects visible signs of aging. The benefit is that ‘The serum feels luxurious, glides over the skin, and smells amazing. It will invigorate your skin, and your skin will appear noticeably smoother even after the first time you apply it.’

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Makeup Look Using Motives Cosmetics

All products are by Motives Cosmetics except the lipstick. I used black lipstick by Elf Cosmetics and then I created a metallic color and applied it on top. Created by ME
I can help you clean out your makeupbag or host your next beauty party. Contact me:
Make sure you connect with me on IG for aglance of my makeup work. Thank You

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Take Your Weight Loss to the Next Level

Do you want to take your weight loss to the next level, or do you want to maintain your weight because you’ve reached your weight loss goals? Retake the TLS Weight Loss Profile now and find a plan that fits the new you!

Take the free Weight Loss Profile & see what is the best diet works best for you. Click start now next to the video

If you have any questions after that please feel free to directly email me at any time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

HydroPeptide Skin Care

Exfoliating Cleanser

Triple Action Peptides, Glycolic Acid, Jojoba Beads - Thoroughly cleanse skin with foaming peptides and a burst of citrus that will energize skin, revitalize hydration and enhance a healthy glow.
 - 7 peptides including Triple Action Collagen Peptide, Relaxing Peptide, Antioxidant Peptide, Moisture-Binding Peptide, Foaming Peptide and Preservative peptides for superior anti-aging results.
 - 10% Glycolic Acid (gentle buffer) + Jojoba Beads (gentle spheres) provides daily exfoliation for glowing, clearer skin.
 - Rich in energizing antioxidants such as green tea and ginseng for free radical protection.

Exfoliating Cleanser

Lactic Acid, Triple Action Peptides, Orange Stem Cell - This age-defying toner exfoliates while brightening and evening out skin tone.
 - Pre-treats skin with 6 peptides including a Triple Action Collagen Peptide, Relaxing Peptide, Antioxidant Peptide, Moisture-Binding Peptide and Preservative peptides for superior anti-aging results.
 - Citrus stem cell extract derived from oranges promotes skin elasticity and support with its antioxidant and flavonoid nutrients.
 - 5% Lactic Acid, Mulberry, Licorice, Green Tea and Vitamin C promote a brighter, more even complexion.

Purifying Mask

Plumping + Muscle-relaxing + Moisture-enhancing Peptides, Coenzymes, Green Tea - Instantly create a more youthful radiant glow, extract impurities and minimize the appearance of pores as purifying clays, peptides and hyaluronic acid lift, firm and hydrate skin.
- 6 peptides including Plumping Peptides, Relaxing Peptide, Moisture-Binding Peptide and Hydration Peptide offer superior anti-aging properties including visible wrinkle reduction and increased hydration.
- Superb mineral-rich clays bentonite (derived from volcanic ash deposits in marine environments) and kaolin (natural silicate clay mineral) draw out skin impurities and toxins as well as absorb excess sebum and oil to prevent pore clogging.
- Enzyme and coenzyme A gently exfoliate, promote cell regeneration and minimize imperfections. By improving cell turnover, nutrient penetration is improved and skin becomes more radiant and youthful.
- Chinese herb extract and caffeine effectively firm the skin.

Face Lift

Multi performance Peptides, Antioxidants, Triple Hyaluronic Acid - Experience a visible "face lift" with this smart hydration cream that contains a mega-dose of multi-performance peptides to reinforce skin's defenses while thoroughly protecting against environmental stressors, restoring firmness, and visibly improving the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.
 - 9 peptides including Relaxing Peptide, Lifting Peptides, Energizing Peptide, Brightening Peptide, Anti-Glycation Peptide, Defensive Peptide and Preservative Peptides that offer a wide range of superior anti-aging benefits.
 - Triple-sized hyaluronic acid improves elasticity, hydration and skin smoothing for immediate and long term benefits.
 - Over a dozen antioxidants provide broad spectrum free radical protection and multifunctional benefits including skin brightening, wound healing and anti-irritation benefits to maintain a youthful appearance.
 - ß-White, Licorice, Bearberry and Vitamin C brighten and even out skin tone.

Eye Authority

 HydroPeptide, the leader in luxury peptide-based skin care, is launching a collaboration with charity: water, a nonprofit organization delivering clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. By donating 3$ from the sale of each Eye Authority, the brand’s award-winning eye cream, HydroPeptide will support the funding of water projects worldwide.
2016 Best Seller - Our Most Popular products because it works from the 1st application.
Multi-Performance Peptides, Pearl Peptides, Antioxidants - This four-dimensional eye cream immediately brightens dark circles while diminishing the look of expression lines, wrinkles and puffiness.
 - 13 peptides including Relaxing Peptides, Anti-Puffiness Peptides, Anti-Dark Circle Peptides, Anti-Glycation Peptides, Lifting Peptides, Illuminating Peptides and Preservative Peptides maximize and address every eye area concern in one luxurious product.
 - Hesperidin, an antioxidant derived from steeping citrus peels in hot baths and known for its body-warming and circulatory benefits, helps improve circulation to minimize dark under-eye circles.
 - Crushed pearls, rich in minerals and amino acids, immediately illuminate the eye area to diffuse the appearance of dark circles and eye imperfections while providing antibacterial, detoxification and skin nourishing properties.
 - Sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) and ceramides perfectly hydrate the eye area without causing eye make up to crease or feel heavy.

My Opinion:

Absolutely a must try skin care line. I loved all pieces and recommend it to everyone. Check them out online and other amazing products. http://hydropeptide.com/

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Simple Bridal Makeup Look Using Motives Cosmetics

Makeup application done by me. It is a simple makeup look using Motives Cosmetics. Pictures taken with my IPhone6 so some colors were not captured the way it should be. I hope you like it and stay tuned for more postings like this. I love makeup and if you have been following me for a while you know how much I do. If you want to talk about makeup or need lessons contact me.

Check out Motives Cosmetics they are a high end luxury line. I can help you pick out a look for you. Don't hesitate to ask and I can help you also with skin care using all Motives brand.

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