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2010 founded

Hello! My name is Gisell and I reside in Pencil-Vania lol. I was born and raised in this state. I’ve worked as a hairstylist since 1999, but have a passion/borderline obsession with makeup, beauty products, and social media. As much as I have an eye for things that far exceeds my net worth, I can proudly say that I have a real knack for finding a practical alternative on the clearance items as well! I know how to find good bargains. So I’ve decided to jump into the world of blogging and I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them just for you.
My Goals and Dreams
*working on opening my own beauty salon to make it into a chain salon
*would love to have my own beauty/hair products line
*would love to have my own handbag/lingerie line
*I want to be a cast on "Dancing with the Stars"
*would love to write a romance novel
*would love to have my own reality show!

"Conflict Of Interest" in out on Amazon


  1. I love your drive, you're a very motivational woman. Your goals are just fab too. I hope you achieve all your dreams.

    Amy xxx

  2. With that kind of focus, you will achieve your dreams!

  3. contact us at jasmine.clinton@angelweight.com,
    we have a proposal for your business.

    Many thanks


  4. Hey, you have an amazing blog I am so happy that you commented on one of my posts or else I wouldn't have discovered this amazing site. I wish you the best and I will be following your blog :)


  5. Wow - I admire your drive. Good luck with all your goals Gizzy xx

  6. Love your blog. What area do you live in? I am in Los Angeles and always have some good gossip! Great drive you have, I mirror your desires but mine are more for skin care. Suffering from bad skin I created my own line where I know it's safe and amazing. Look forward to hearing more on your blog!

    1. im in pa. thanks u for this nice comment! xox

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  8. You and your blog are aweseome!!


  9. Hey Gisell! Love the site! Subscribed and added as a fave! Continue the great work! Continued success and all the best! Very informative!!

  10. I love your dreams!!!! Such Passion!!! Congrats on the new book

    1. thank you so much Erica. xo thanks for following too


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