Sunday, January 22, 2012

Relaxing Bath - 1/2 hour for yourself atleast twice a week

Relaxing is part of your beauty = less stress = less health problems in the long run...

I love my down time. Downtime for some of us is the time after the kids go to bed and the husband passes out from a crazy, work day. Usually by this time some of us are exhausted. I believe all women need atleast twice a week of a "ME alone time." Some woman take their me time to read, paint, etc.

I want to encourage you to take more alone me time in the bathroom. Yes in the bathroom lol. Forget reading, painting or catching up on chores. That can wait. Try it atleast one time and I will show you how.


First Smell for me it's important. Take a moment for the bathroom to smell wonderful. Have a couple of candles you can pick from scents like rosemary, or lavender. It is important to dim the lights a little, if it is impossible because of your switch then you can set a colored cloth on top of the light. Pick a bathtub soaks or a bubble bath soap. Some soaks soothes aching bodies. Remeber to have the water very warm, but not hot that you get burned. Most of us know warm water relaxes muscles. Relax for 15 to 30 minutes. Just quiet, me time. I guarantee you the more you do it, the more you stay longer. You be surprised what your brains comes up with lol... 

This also works for people that have a hard time falling sleep. Try this and I bet u sleep like a baby!

What are other ways you relax? I want to know so leave a comment below :)

Thank you

Gisell xoxo

Friday, January 20, 2012

How to correctly use a Dry SHAMPOO.

Many people buy products that other friends recommend and people buy it without knowing the correct way to use it. Especially products like dry hair shampoo. How many times you bought something and never read directions? Yea I am guilty too lol. I am going to explain the right way to use a dry hair shampoo.

Take notes:

  • section your hair. However you like and spray shampoo by sections on the roots, especially oily parts :)
  • spray powder on the roots and let sit for few minutes so it can soak the oil
  • bend over and massage it (powder on roots) with your fingertips, then brush hair throughly from roots to ends
  • There are some powders that come in color to match your hair color like Finley Hair Dry Shampoo so you won't be left with white residue or streaks
  • dry shampoo may leave your hair with a matte finish (dull), just dab a little of serum to add shine
That's it! So easy. I hope I helped you or if you know someone that can benefit this post then email them asap.

Thank you for reading and make sure you visit often ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thinking about adding some "LAYERS" to your hair?

The picture below is my client who had a straight, bob cut and wanted a change. I gave her short layer all over and around her face. I still have the bob look but with an edge! What do you think?

Tired of your blunt hair cut? Are you thinking of adding some layers into your cut right now? Hair layering is more than simply cutting hair to different lengths.
  • layers can be cut to any length and can be distributed throughout the entire head or simply used to frame the face
  • some hairstyles require the use of many layers to create movement
  • layers can add volume and texture to an otherwise straight cut
  • layers can modernize an outdated look 
  • This is great especially for those who have fine, thin hair that lacks some movement to it
  • hair layering is also beneficial to damaged hair and can be used to remove dry or split ends without the need to drastically shorten the overall length of hair
  • hair layering can balance difficult face shapes, lighten thick, heavy hair, and increase the effect of coloring
  • headache sufferers may also benefit from the reduced weight hair layering provides


  • not all hair types benefit from the addition of layers
  • hair that is extremely curly does not layer well because curls tend to tighten when weight is removed through the layering process
  • layers added to very curly hair often result in a scruffy, frizzy look, so anyone with curly hair should be careful when choosing the amount and location of layers
  • layered hair requires regular trimming to prevent split ends and even out layers
  • a negative of adding layers to your hair is that it can be time intensive to style and care depending how short you want them

My opinion is; it can be a Nice Change

  • Layering your hair can also add a nice, sometimes needed change to your look. Changing your hair style every once in a while is a good thing. It can increase your confidence and give you a new outlook on things. Change is good!


Thank you for reading my post.

Monday, January 16, 2012

7 of my favorite Golden Globes 2012 "HAIRSTYLES"

Kate Bekinsale was a perfection. She looked so beautiful and glamorous. Make was light on the lips and smoky on the eyes. Vinatge jewelry. Love, Love her look!

Diane Lane is one of my favorite actresses. She looked stunning! Curled ends and natural makeup she looked beautiful.

Salma Hayek curls were hot in this multi dimensional color. The dress was fierce too. You go hot Latina!

Charlize Theron looked amazing. So gorgous and classy. The hair was up to one side and with a glittery, headband.

Nicole Richie's hair was HOT! She totally rocked it.

Sofia Vergara looked really nice in this blue dress by Vera Wang. Even tho her hair was simple she wore it glamorous! I prefer her dark haired. I hope she reads this lol

Paula Patton "gorgous" in her yellow dress. Her hair was perfect styled for the dress.
*I told you my 7 favorites, so what are yours???

Golden Globes 2012


Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to: Do it yourself at Home Facials advice from an Expert

Let's admit, that for some people leaving the house for a day for themselves might not be an option. From having kids, work and a husband sometimes time will fly away. So thinking about having a spa day but really have to be in a rush to get kids after school, I rather advice you to just do your facial at home. Quick easy way for those who are not professional. Just follow my way. You wont regret it :)

Some Benefits:
  • You can relax on the couch in your pj
  • You can also catch up on reading magazines or watching tv while you do it
  • it’s free and supplys are cheaper
  • It’s not always possible to replicate some of the higher-tech salon facials at home, but for a standard cleanse, treatment mask and massage, there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to do it just as well at home
  • So if your skin is in need of a bit of a treat, read on to find out how to do it my way
You can go to the nearest Sally Beauty supply and get the following;
  1. Queen Helene Brand cleansing cream
  2. Queen Helene massage cream
  3. your favorite face moisturizer
  4. face toner
  5. and Queen Helene face Mask
  6. 3 small towels
  7. 1 cotton ball or wipe
1. Cleanse time - apply a small amount all over face with the cleansing cream for about 1 min or so. This removes oils. dirt and makeup. Get one of the small towels and put in hot water (hot enough you can bear it) squeeze excess water and remove the cleansing cream off your face.

2.Massage cream - you lay anywhere you want for this next step. While you lay confortably you can apply the massage lotion all over face. Paying extra careful the skin around the eyes and massage your face for about 10 minutes. Whatever massage techniques you do make sure is all upward movements. It takes practice so have patience. You can also go to Youtube and see the massages for facials. Here's a tip from me though:

3. Mask
This is the ideal time to apply a face mask. If your skin is dry, try a hydrating mask or if it tends to be more oily, a purifying clay mask is a good option. You can also combine masks if you need to – applying the purifying formula to your t-zone and using a moisturising mask on drier areas like the cheeks. Apply the mask in a generous layer, avoiding the eye area and then relax for 10 minutes or so. Then you remove with a hot, small towel.

4. Toner
Once the mask is removed –  sweep a cotton pad soaked in a gentle toner over your skin. Not only does this feel refreshing, but it also helps moisturizer to sink into the skin. (upward movements)

5. Last you can Moisturise
You can just apply your usual moisturiser at this point, but consider extending the skin-pampering experience by applying a serum underneath, such as the antioxidant-rich Perfect Intense Serum. (Optional) Follow that with a soothing and hydrating moisturiser, pat on some eye cream and you’re all set.

Oh, and the final benefit of the DIY facial? No need to worry about the state of your hair as you make your way home from the salon – for some reason I can’t make it out of a salon facial without a hairline full of oils and chunks of whatever mask was used, but my hair always stays safe when I’m in charge of the treatment at home!

This process can take as long as you like. Take advantage when your kids are at school and your husband at work :)

I hope you like and let me know how it goes. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Thank you (all pictures is from google :)

Gisell xoxo

Monday, January 9, 2012

Autumn Hawk Beauty Interview

I am thrilled that I have the chance to interview Autumn Hawk. She is the woman behind the "RED ZIPPER" dresses. NY based clothing designer. Yes ladies and gentlemen she is the fabulous owner of this brand and clothing line. She has style, beauty, brains and a good heart.

You can visit her clothing website and you will love her style.

I wanted to let my blog viewers read more about her beauty. I am sure she is used to clothing questions but this time we are going to change it up!

Gisell: You have gorgeous hair Autumn so give us the 411 and who is your hairdresser?

Autumn: I get a lot of questions where I get my locks maintained!! Even though I live in New York, I travel to Massachusetts every few months. There's an amazing salon there by the name of "VILLAGE HAIR DESIGNERS" Its located at 236 Elm st in South Dartmouth. Why do travel 4 hours to get my hair done? Because they are the best. My sister, Cheyenne Hawk is my stylist and I don't just love her work because she is my sister. I love it because she is always educating herself on the latest in hair. There's a real science to hair and if stylists aren't really savvy it can be a disaster. The other reason is the salon has only 2 chairs which I love. It gives a real VIP feel and its about the client in the chair! Owner, Rachael Houde makes sure of that! I also have a salon in my home and Cheyenne makes house calls when I cant get to Dartmouth.

Gisell: What hair product line do you use at home? Any special product you can't live with out?

Autumn: Cheyenne turned me on to a product called "MOROCCAN OIL" that im obsessed with. It literally changed the way my hair feels. It behaves now and is great when I am on vacation. It really stands up to humidity.

Gisell: How often do you get cuts/trims?

Autumn: I get trims about every 3 months.

Gisell: Let's talk about your skin? Favorite face lotion? and favorite body lotion? Where do you shop for your beauty needs?

Autumn: My skin is a work in progress. I have been experimenting with several products lately. I love the pure vitamin C serum. I believe it's the fountain of youth.

Gisell: Do you get facials if so how often? You should visit me sometime, I am the best Esthetician in my town!

Autumn: I do get facials about 3 times a year. I live for a great spa treatment! I'd love to visit your spa.

Gisell: Do you do your makeup? If so what foundation do you use?

Autumn: I just discovered a makeup called YOUNGBLOOD (also sold at Village Hair Designers) Its amazing mineral makeup. I really love it because its so light in weight yet gives amazing coverage and the brushes are so much better in quality than the bare minerals or even MAC brushes i own.

Gisell: What makeup and/or hair product you are obsessing at the moment? If any.

Autumn: YOUNGBLOOD mascara is probably my big obsession right now. It lengthens my lashes without clumping. Its a great formula!

Gisell: Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick?

Autumn: I'm a lip glossaholic! If you were to go into my bag right now you would find about 8-10 tubes of it!

Gisell: What perfume do you wear?

Autumn: I wear JIMMY CHOO perfume. It's exclusive sold to Saks. It's feminine and not overpowering.

Gisell: What is your motto?

Autumn: I have a lot of mottos! lol! I call it "Hawk Talk" I'm the sort of person who really believes what I preach. If I had to narrow it down to one line I'd say " BELIEVE IT AND RECEIVE IT!" I truly believe as women we capable of anything. I believe the universe wants to give us everything.

Gisell: If you could work with any famous designer who would it be and why?

Autumn: My favorite designer right now is Victoria Beckham. Her designs are clean and feminine. Her empire is worth 90 Million. She isn't only a great designer but a good business woman also!

Once again I want to thank you for your time. I hope you and my viewers enjoyed this interview. Everyone you can follow Autumn on twitter @realautumnhawk and me as well @gisellstylist

Feel free to leave any positive comments below.

Gisell xoxo

Nouri Shea Mango Body Wash

Product Description

This gentle cleansing and deep moisturizing body wash is specially formulated to gently cleanse and pamper skin – all over. Enriched with natural moisturizers like our 100% USDA Certified Organic Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and vegetable glycerin which work to restore skin’s elasticity while active botanical extracts rich in natural anti-oxidants help to replenish skins essential nutrients. Non-irritating and mild enough for all skin types, this luxurious body wash will leave skin feeling silky smooth and supple.Lightly scented with a hint of tropical Mango essential oil.

DIRECTION: Apply to wet skin and work into a rich lather. Rinse well. For extra skin moisturizing use NouriShea™ Shea Body Crème. If you want to purchase visit the website price approx $23.00 for the large bottle.

I personally used this product twice already and I absolutely love it. The smell is amazing. Your skin feels so soft after you wash your body with it. I first wash all my body with soap then with the shower sponge I pour a quarter size amount of the body wash to the sponge and soap all my body with it. Talking about feeling the luxury. Go ahead and explore your mind!