Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thinking about adding some "LAYERS" to your hair?

The picture below is my client who had a straight, bob cut and wanted a change. I gave her short layer all over and around her face. I still have the bob look but with an edge! What do you think?

Tired of your blunt hair cut? Are you thinking of adding some layers into your cut right now? Hair layering is more than simply cutting hair to different lengths.
  • layers can be cut to any length and can be distributed throughout the entire head or simply used to frame the face
  • some hairstyles require the use of many layers to create movement
  • layers can add volume and texture to an otherwise straight cut
  • layers can modernize an outdated look 
  • This is great especially for those who have fine, thin hair that lacks some movement to it
  • hair layering is also beneficial to damaged hair and can be used to remove dry or split ends without the need to drastically shorten the overall length of hair
  • hair layering can balance difficult face shapes, lighten thick, heavy hair, and increase the effect of coloring
  • headache sufferers may also benefit from the reduced weight hair layering provides


  • not all hair types benefit from the addition of layers
  • hair that is extremely curly does not layer well because curls tend to tighten when weight is removed through the layering process
  • layers added to very curly hair often result in a scruffy, frizzy look, so anyone with curly hair should be careful when choosing the amount and location of layers
  • layered hair requires regular trimming to prevent split ends and even out layers
  • a negative of adding layers to your hair is that it can be time intensive to style and care depending how short you want them

My opinion is; it can be a Nice Change

  • Layering your hair can also add a nice, sometimes needed change to your look. Changing your hair style every once in a while is a good thing. It can increase your confidence and give you a new outlook on things. Change is good!


Thank you for reading my post.