Thursday, October 7, 2010

About me. My name is Gisell aka Gizzy. I love hair and drama!

Yes it is true. I love to gossip. I love to write and talk about fashion, hair, products, nails, makeup, jewelry and trillion of other things. I am a licensed cosmetologist and currently working on opening my own salon. In the mean time lets gossip.

My name is Gisell the author of   I'm a very driven business woman that loves all things that is different! Love to read, gossip, write, be random through out the day, blog, decorate, clean clutter and I love to dance to a good song in the middle of the dance floor ALONE. If you in my way I will find a place to put you. lol...Say hello to me, I love to hear from you. I have many dreams and I might need your help. Looking for investors and producers who can help me get my own reality show. I love drama and I might need tv to boost me up a little.

I have several goals:

1. to have my own PERFUME line have my own chain SALON into a franchise
3. to have my own MAKEUP line
4. to have my own beauty product line
5. my own Reality show! (full of drama)
6. to have my own JEWELRY line


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