Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gloss, Serum, shine and more SHINE!

I love shine products but some shine product can be heavy so it will weigh your hair down. It is important to understand the product and pick the right one for your hair need.

Silk drops by designline line $10.59. It is a repair & shine serum. Repair means it closes the split ends to look smoother plus shine. I must add the smell is great. You can use this all on hair hair types before and after blow dry style.

Biolage has "deep smothing serum" and also "color care shielding shine mist".

The Biolage deep smoothing serum is thicker than the mist. It's $14.00. It is great for unrully, frizzy hair. It has a bonus *it protects against heat and humidity. That's a plus. 

The color shielding mist is lighter in texture. It is sprayed on and it is 13.99. Helps preserve color radiance. It has antioxidant, sunflower oil and a UV filter helps protect against sun heat. 

To be honest I try so many glosses but I love "Its a 10 serum" which is $22.00 high on price but it is worth it and I also love the gloss drops by designline on top of this post. I also recomment Mazani serum for textured hair. I use it before blow outs and It really is a good product. I hope you enjoyed my post.

Gisell ✂



  1. I adore the biolage products! The serum always takes the frizz away from my hair and it last all day.

  2. Thank you for commenting. Biolage is good. You need to try the gloss drop by design line. Soo good!

  3. I also love biology the thickness of the gloss...I'm going to try the one by design line and see if it tames my "unruly" New follower...check out my blog, follow if you like;)

    Infinite Stylez

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