Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ambi Fade Cream Review

This is my second product that I use for dark spots from break out on my face or sometimes I get on my back. This product you must use it for about 2 weeks to see results and I recommend to use just on the specific troubled spots. To be honest I do not like the smell of it. It is not a strong, unpleasant smell but I personally do not like it. So with that said the best use to use this product would be at night. I use it mostly before bed - mainly because i don't like the thick creamy texture of the product for daytime use. 

This product is great for fading dark spots, but low on the scale as a daily moisturizer. AMBI® Fade Cream effectively fades dark spots and skin discolorations without changing the skin’s natural tone. For the great  price

($5.49 available at

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  1. I've heard Ambi fades your spots well. I need to get some for my face

  2. Try it, you won't be mad. U love it..xoxo