Sunday, February 17, 2013

How to take some years off INSTANTLY for Men Only

    Do you feel awesome in the inside but not looking how you feel anymore on the outside? Not to worry I came to the rescue. This blog is not for women only, it is also for men. I can help you with some of my tips. Please keep reading:
  • cover some gray with Easy for Men
    •  Before you start panicking, I want to say that I do not want this to sound like a total makeover. I want you to embrace your natural look, and appreciate how your greys will soon give you some heft at the office. Make an appointment with a stylist.

  • hair and beard trims
    • Maintain your hair cut. Don't let months go by without a haircut. You can keep you neckline clean in between haircuts also. It is nasty and unpprofessional as well to look like this. Not only this will make you look older but it will make you look disgusting!

  • skin care
    • It’s not to late to slam on the brakes and soften the damage that’s been done. Use a moisturizer with SPF every morning and a richer lotion at night, especiall when skin becomes dehydrated.

  • well fitted clothes
    • Well fitted clothes can make you look slimmer. Maybe it is time to clean the closet and take a double look at your wardrobe.

  •  teeth
    • Missing some? Well it's time to get some falsies in. Simple as that. Go to the denstist asap. Do not have insurance? Most dentist make payment plans. This is a serious matter!

These are some tips you can use. I hope you like them and if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. I've been suffering with light to moderate acne since I was 10. Now it's gotten better but I still get giant breakouts before my time of month. Is there anything that you use to help clear your acne? I am currently using proactive, but it doesn't help get rid of underground acne. And does your acne wash or natural remedy get rid of acne scars too? acne severe treatment

    1. theres a post here on my blog about acne with a great product please check it out. thanks