Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gerovital H3 Skin Care Products

Not even two weeks and you will see results. I have been using this everyday. My skin is soft and firmer. I see hardly no fine lines and I am excited! I have no negative reviews for these products.

GEROVITAL H3 EVOLUTION, Moisturizing Lifting Cream

 A day care moisturizing cream, with a powerful lifting effect offering you UV protection throughout the entire day. Prevents the destructive action of UV radiations and environmental factors by means of a synergic action between the Superoxide Dismutase - anti-aging enzyme-,Boswellia Serrata and UV filters. Corrects the skin imperfections, diminishes and erases the fine lines and wrinkles by means of the three innovative ingredients Sepilift, Lipomoist and liposomes with Hyaluronic Acid. BENEFITS: Firm, intensely moisturized, protected skin.
Gerovital Plant FORTE is the more complete line addressing all types of skin (dry, normal, oily, sensitive, mature) and also having body care products.
The products of the line are rich in natural ingredients (over 90%), concentrated plant extracts (FORTE means force, power), essential oils and fats, vitamins, new generation of active ingredients to fight aging and confer skin moisture, nourishment, firm and youthful skin.
I love this line and you will too. I also love the Tonic Lotion
Moisturizing Tonic Lotion
Benefits:Soothes, softens, regenerates and energizes while revealing perfectly clean, clear and more refined skin.

Product Details:
A refreshing, soothing, regenerating and energizing lotion created to deep-cleanse the skin.
Promote a shine-free appearance.
Helps the better absorption of the cream. Please visit their site for more info:

Try it now!


  1. Hmmm...interesting. I think I wanna try this out. they seem like great ones to try out. Got to read more reviews about this.

    1. you will like it and thanks for visiting :)

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