Sunday, August 18, 2013

MakeUpMiser Spatulas


I want to introduce you these spatulas that can be used for makeup, skin care products or anything that comes in a jar. I hate wasting products and knowing how difficult it can be to get moisturizers and other cosmetic products out of the containers can sometimes throw me off the deep end. So Michelle Phillips designed these fabulous spatulas, very flexivle and reusable. My new obsession. Please visit the website at:

  • Flexible and durable spatulas that conform to the shape of the bottle- reaching bottom, sides and shoulders of container.

  • Black spoons create an effective color contrast to view the amount of product you want to retrieve.

  • Smart spoon design captures and cradles every drop with no spillage after retrieval.

  • Spatulas are eight inches in length to reach into taller bottles where cotton swabs can’t - and they won’t absorb your products like cotton swabs.

    • Precisely measures out loose powders and minerals to prevent messy waste from shaking it out of container.
    • Dipping into cosmetics with your hands can cause your beauty products to harbor bacteria, mold, and other germs. Help prevent bacterial contamination by using MakeUpMiser.

    • By helping prevent bacterial contamination with MakeUpMiser you will also maintain the effectiveness of your expensive beauty products by limiting breakdown of active ingredients.
    • Washes clean with soap and water - reusable for a lifetime of savings--Can also be sanitized with isopropyl alcohol.

    • No need to dip your fingers into messy creams and sticky hair gels - protect your manicure and eliminate under nail accumulations by using MakeUpMiser.

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