Monday, September 9, 2013

About Dora Sky

I love to read books and this beautiful girl is working on her first novel called 'The Game" Please visit her at to get to know her. Follow me on twitter @sexy_scissors

Q. Please tell us a little about Dora?

I am a city girl that can’t live without coffee, books and music. I was born in Albania and moved to Toronto, Canada when I was fourteen years old. When I was ten years old I discovered my passion for writing. It’s one of my biggest passions and I don’t think I will ever stop. When I’m not writing I like to hang out with friends, catch up on my readings and stalk my favourite authors on Twitter. My stalking tendencies can be extremely persuasive sometimes!

Q. Any projects presently working on? Any future projects?
I am currently working on my first novel The Game. The Game is about fashion, dangerous love, strong friendship bonds and a C.E.O that everybody in the fashion world can’t get enough. The Game is a passionate love story with a lot of heated scenes. I am also working on three eBook novellas. The Delicious Series are all about fudge cakes, and one play boy that loves to play with sweets. The series are short, sexy and funny.
I can’t wait to share them!

Q. Please tell me what is your morning beauty routine?
When I wake up in the morning first thing that I do wash my face with Olay shine minimizing cleanser. I’ve been using it for quite sometimes now and I love it. After, I use the Garnier face wash and just like that my day gets better. I can’t live without these two products.

Q. What style are you sporting presently?
Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of long Maxi dresses. I love everything girly girl and I am open to trying new things. I don’t have a specific style. I love to match things depending on my mood.

Q. Any beauty product you can’t live without?

Yes, my foundation Almay and Maroccanoil. These are two products that every girl should have. They are the best!

Q. What is in your shower? Ex. Shampoos, Cond etc?

For my hair I use Garnier Fructis shampoo with the same conditioner. For body shower I use Sweet Pea from Bath &; Body Works. After the shower I use the Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion. I’m a huge fan of Bath &; Body Works, every time I shop in there I end up buying half of the store. *Sighs*

Q. Are you into skin care?

Yes I am. Every time a pimple decides to show up, I freak out. I have tried Proactiv before and it helped me a lot. At the moment I am using Marcelle moisturiser and Derma Repair herbal masque.


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