Monday, November 18, 2013

Cancer and Your Birthday Month as a Reminder

I do not want to write a post about how important it is to get annual check ups. I feel like we all know that already. Although we all seemed to know that, some of us women do not get checked annually. Life and circumstances steers us some other directions sometimes and we forget things. I feel that if you pick your birthday month as a reminder, every year you will not forget it. My birthday month is November so I got my check up 2 weeks ago and my results came back negative. Thank you lord!

It doesn't have to be your birthday only, it can be any holiday. Even a family members birthday. The important part is to pick a date that reminds you to make that doctor appointment. If we find it early we can survive this horrible disease.

If you know anyone going through this and need support please read my previous Cancer post for workshops info.

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