Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chroma Studio Hair Products

The Chroma Studio products are color safe, paraben free, and restores moisture into the hair with UV protection from the suns harmful rays. This line is all anti frizz and heat protectant. I loved all of the products but my favorite was the Shine AntiFrizz Spray it left my hair glossy and there was no need to finish it with a flat iron. Cool huh?!
Try them and you will love them too.  
                                              Massage into hair focusing on ends. Rinse.

A soft hold styling cream with fibers that create volume when you want volume and absorbs frizz. Great throughout hair or apply to the ends for definition, texture and control.

Control warmth and brassiness with this fibrous soft hold styling cream. Great throughout hair or apply to the ends.

Mist shine spray an arm’s length from the hair or spray on to a natural bristle brush and follow with a blow dryer to create a smooth, glossy finish.

Spray at the base of the hair, add lift and volume while protecting from thermal styling.
What if you could control the amount of hold in 1 can of hairspray? With this revolutionary new trigger you can control the amount of hold by simply adjusting the nozzle to L for Light hold, M-Medium for hold and H for hard hold. 3 in 1

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