Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How to Choose The Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Experimenting around with hair color can be so much fun and terrifying at the same time! But, have you ever noticed certain colors make you look a bit washed out? Finding the perfect hair color means finding a shade that helps you look your best and finding the perfect hair colors for your skin tone is actually easier than you think.

·     If you have a cool skin tone, most likely you have blue, green, deep brown or grey eyes and you look stunning in bright whites paired with silver jewelry. Hair colors with a cooler pigment base like black, auburn or ash blonde will make you look your best.

·     If you have a warm skin tone, you may have hazel, brown or green eyes. You look great in warm ivories, coral and other warm colors. You also look your best in gold jewelry and hair color with similar warm tones – like honey and golden blonde.

·     If you have a deep skin tone, you probably have dark brown eyes and you look your best in bright colors. The best hair colors on you include those same deep pigments – like chocolate brown and black.

I always dyed my hair black for years and I finally found the right blonde for my skin tone. which is the pictures in this post. I use redken salon color 8n in front half and 6n half head towards the back. I like the contrast.

What do you think?



  1. Great suggestions! I recently went from my natural dark brown to bright red to ash blonde. I have cool toned skin, and the red made me look a little washed out, but the ash blonde looks great!


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