Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lightning Hair from Dark to Blonde.


Many clients walk in to salons with dark hair color wanting to leave out with platinum hair color. In one day? Really? It can happen but is it worth your hair damaging and breaking off? Not for me at least. I am one the perfect example relating to this post. I always dye my hair black through the years and to reach down to the blonde I have, it took time and several process. To be honest there is still some pieces of black and my hair is different colors. I have reached to almost where I wanted to be about a level 8 from a level 1 (black). Not to bad.

Before                                                                 After

The health of your hair comes first. Once your hair is restored to a healthy enough state then we can begin the technical process to give you a color you love. If your hair is
over processed and fragile the first visit may not result in the color you were hoping for. We may send home with  a cut and treatments to apply before coming in for another color application so that the health of your hair is being restored through rest and condition. Please understand that this process is sometimes long that you may not have the perfect blonde while you are going through the process, but in the end you will be happier with your color and your hair's condition. Blonde looks good on your head not in a ruined mess on the floor. We would love to wave magic wand and give you exactly what you want, in one day but sometimes this just isn't possible. We are hairstylist not magicians. Color correction can sometimes take more than one appointment, or it can take up to 5 depending on how dark it is and how much color buildup you have. Yes it can also add up financially. Make sure it is something that you want before deciding to venture. If so then come and visit me.

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