Thursday, April 20, 2017

Truth about "MYTOPFACE.COM" - Boris and Vyachesla Tkach aka Kay Tea

My daughter has contacted them nicely many, many times so they can pay her what she worked for. They both refuse to pay (their last check) so we will take them to court (June 6, 2017) and also spread the word so buyers do not get fooled by purchasing products they write about. 

HER REAL NAME IS Vyachesla Tkach, AKA AS Kay Tea and her husband's name is Boris. is a blog that reviews products and then they blog about it. I am here to let companies know that they do not review any products before writing a post. If you see all their post, they write how good they are and how My Top Face expert agrees but really the truth is no one reviews anything. Well there is no experts lol. They just write without reviewing and I think that is not ethical to do. Unlike me and many other legit bloggers we accept products we try it for weeks and then we give our honest opinion. How do I know this? I know this because I have written for them and also my daughter worked with them for 6 months.

Also, my daughter quit working with them because they are simply rude and they demand so much. They know that my daughter works full time and full time attends college. They didn't care so my daughter had enough and quit just like that. So they REFUSE to pay what they owe her for her writing for them.

Till this day (4/20/2017) they still harass my daughter on her website reporting her so they can bring the website down, and they called the NYC police so they can have my daughter arrested for harassment. Kay Tea also made a craigslist ad, selling an iPhone but purposely added my daughters number to it.

Why so much hate? I will find out soon in court.

My Top Face handles
Twitter @eyemakeupguide 

How professional of my TopFace!!!! 
June 2017 we are going to court for harassment and payment. 

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