Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Paperless Invites for Many Occasions

Online invitations are rapidly becoming the norm for everything from birthday party invitations and RSVPs for baby showers, gender reveal parties to business events. They are popular because now a days everything is done through app's direct messaging, to texts to FB invites.. They can also be used in conjunction with online event scheduling websites. I love the idea of getting to customize and send greetings or invitations without the hassle and expense of having cards printed up and mailed. Who has time for that anymore? Not me! 

I want to introduce you this amazing website

The thing I like most is the fact that once you’ve created a card format and customized the interior message, you can send emailed greetings to friends, family, and business associates at any time. If you create general ‘thinking of you’, ‘get well soon’, or ‘thank you’ cards you can add email addresses of recipients whenever appropriate. Go ahead and check it out!

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Stay tuned for my invitation pictures for my next makeup event!

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