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6 Characteristics of a Successful Brand Ambassador

By Marike Watson | 5 minute read

 A brand ambassador has the power to elevate a brand across multiple social channels. They do this through the genuine endorsement of a company's services or products. By talking about brands on their socials, an ambassador amplifies word-of-mouth marketing. 

In 2023, it's easier than ever to build an influential online persona. TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube provide anyone with the tools to become an international celebrity. And we're at an all-time high for people partnering with their favourite brands to create promotional content. Today, everyone can be a brand ambassador.

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But the fact that everyone can create content for brands doesn't mean everyone is good at it. Sometimes it’s not easy to get the word out about an upcoming or established brand. Especially today. In our oversaturated market, new brands and products are debuting daily.

That's why it's crucial to find the right people for your brand ambassador program. But what makes a good brand ambassador? It turns out, there is a slight science behind finding these ideal representatives. 

6 Identifiers of a Successful Brand Ambassador

1. Basic Comprehension of Marketing

Your brand ambassadors don’t need a formal qualification. But they should grasp the basics of marketing, especially digital marketing for businesses, including strategies and campaigns. This knowledge will equip them with the tools to enhance their role in your business - a marketing role at its core. The better they understand what it is to advocate for a brand, the greater their success.

2. Gathers Insights and Reports Back

The ideal brand ambassadors already love what a brand stands for. They’ll be willing to try out new products and provide honest feedback based on their experience. This is an important feature of ambassador marketing. Companies have the chance to gather valuable critiques and insights into new products or services. By reporting their thoughts, ambassadors can improve the quality of a brand’s output.

3. Engaging Online Presence

It’s essential for brand ambassadors to have an established online presence. But this doesn't mean they need to have millions of followers. Naturally, the more followers an ambassador has, the larger their online reach will be. But follower count isn’t as important as the level of engagement with their following. Brand ambassadors that actively connect with their followers are more trusted. This, in turn, makes their recommendations of a brand more appealing and interesting.

4. Keep it Professional

A brand ambassador’s online personality and lifestyle should reflect the same ethos of the brand they’re representing. Once someone is an ambassador for your brand, all their posts reflect on you. Even those not promoting your products. 

For example, an ambassador for a sustainable, slow fashion brandshouldn't also post massive haul videos from fast fashion companies notorious for waste and unethical practices.

Avoid this disconnect at all costs. It's unprofessional and could tarnish your brand as people stop trusting your ambassadors.  

5. Lead Your Community 

Word-of-mouth recommendations often come from people we trust, like our friends and family members. We’d seek advice about products or services from people we associate those products with. This could be because they’ve mentioned it to us before, or it’s something we know they’re knowledgeable about.

In the same way, ambassadors should have a particular niche that displays what they’re most knowledgeable about. This could be anything from fashion and photography to DIY renovation projects or sporting equipment. Select an online personality that could actually lead their followers to your brand. Consumers won’t seek advice on photography products from a food blogger.

6. Be Excited the Authentic Way

Consumers are savvying up to posed digital marketing campaigns. They're often aware when creators aren't genuinely interested in what they’re selling. Fake authenticity isn’t a difficult thing to spot. In fact, it’s super easy to tell when a digital creator isn’t invested in the brand or products they’re plugging.

That’s why choosing a brand ambassador who truly wants to support you is vital. If they’re familiar with your company and products, they’ll be able to answer questions from their followers. They can provide content about your brand that feels authentic and genuine. This authenticity builds brand identity and has shown that it elevates sales growth. 



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Skin Barrier: Why It Is So Important To Protect It?

The outermost layer of the skin has a scientific name, stratum corneum, but is more often known as the skin barrier. The stratum corneum, often known as the skin barrier, acts as a protective shield for the deeper layers of skin.

The epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis are the outer, middle, and inner layers of your skin, respectively. The appearance of health or illness on the skin is largely determined by the condition of the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis.

Naturally, when you feel irritation, dryness, or any other sign of unhealthy skin, the first thing you should think about is the skin barrier.

It is the keratin, free fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol that make up the skin barrier, commonly known as the stratum corneum.

What does your skin barrier actually do?

The skin's protective barrier plays an important role in maintaining health and longevity. A strong skin barrier serves several critical purposes, and we'll go over some of the most crucial ones so you can make an informed decision.

• Sweat is produced because the skin acts as a permeability barrier to prevent the body from losing too much water.
• It functions as an antimicrobial barrier, eliciting an innate immune response by identifying and then blocking the entry of pathogenic bacteria and other potentially dangerous foreign chemicals.
• The skin's barrier also serves as an antioxidant to protect the body's cells, which aids in keeping the body's internal chemical environment stable.
• Sensory functions such as touch, temperature, and pain are all supported by neuroreceptors and transmitters in the skin barrier.
• The skin's barrier also plays a crucial role in protecting the body from potentially cancer-causing UV rays.
• You can't have silky, elastic, and radiant skin without a strong skin barrier.

Symptoms of a damaged skin barrier

Not having a healthy skin barrier can increase your risk of acquiring the following skin problems:

• scaley, dry skin
• itchiness
• areas of roughness or discoloration
• acne
• localized inflammation or sensitivity
• viral or bacterial infections

Tips To Keep Your Skin Barrier Healthy

You may try the following:

1. Choose the best items for your concerns

Using the appropriate skin care products is the first and last step. What is effective for some people's skin may not be the greatest choice for yours. Make sure you're investing in items that your skin will appreciate by learning about your skin type, allergies, climate, and the current condition of your skin barrier.

2. Find the ideal pH level

One's skin has its own natural pH. Skin barrier function is compromised when you use items with a pH that is drastically different from your skin's. Pick items with a pH level that's near to your skin's. A study found that while the pH of the skin is typically below 5, it can be affected by things like environmental pollutants, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, and more.

3. Restore your skin's protective barrier using plant oil

Some plant oils, according to 2018 Trusted Source research, may aid in mending the skin's protective barrier and keeping it from leaking moisture. Numerous studies have shown that these oils can kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and function as antioxidants.

Here are some of the best plant oils for your skin to consider using:

• Oil of jojoba
• Mastic Gum with Coconut Oil
• Black currant
• Cranberry
• Almond oils
• Borage
• Rosehip
• Sunflower
• Soybean
• Primrose

Various plant oils have a wide range of skin care applications.

To alleviate dry skin, try using a cream or lotion with one of these oils as an ingredient. Alternatively, you can pour some oil onto your palm and massage it gently into your skin until it's absorbed.

4. Maintain a nutritious diet

Studies have shown that a diet rich in whole foods and healthy fats is the greatest way to maintain radiant skin. Skin elasticity and youthfulness can be supported by eating a diet high in fish oil, antioxidants, or fish oil supplements. In order to maintain supple, healthy skin, it is essential to drink plenty of water.

Foods that are good for your skin include:

• Citrus fruits
• Vegetables with yellow or orange hues, such as carrots and apricots
• Green vegetables as spinach and kale
• Tomatoes
• Berries
• Pulses like beans, peas, and lentils
• Fatty seafood like salmon and mackerel
• Nuts

5. Stop exfoliating more than necessary!

Using rough scrubs for more exfoliation than you need will strip the skin of its natural oils. If you exfoliate too often, you'll end up with oily skin. If your sebaceous glands are overactive, they may start producing too much oil, which can clog your pores and cause acne. Instead of utilizing brushes, return to devices that massage the skin. The trick is to take things slowly and gently.


The skin's outermost layer acts as the body's first line of protection. Because our skin is the primary interface between ourselves and the environment, it is also the primary target of any and all skincare products. As a result, it is crucial that we learn about the skin barrier, its essential roles, the factors that can compromise it, and the measures we can take to safeguard it. Always consult dermatologist in Lahore before applying any new product to your skin to avoid its reactions.


1. How long does it take to rebuild the skin's natural defenses?

The good news is that it is possible to heal a damaged skin barrier, although doing so will require some time and work. However, restoring it to its full protective capacity might take anything from a few weeks to six months, depending on the severity of the damage.

2. How do you recognize a breach in the skin's protective barrier?

Signs of a compromised skin barrier include redness, sensitivity, breakouts, dehydration, and dryness; in addition, stubborn post-breakout markings are common since damaged skin has harder time healing wounds.

3. Can the skin barrier be damaged by exfoliation?

Skin redness, flaking, and irritation can be brought on by excessive or improper exfoliation, which can weaken the skin's protective barrier. When in doubt, consult a dermatologist and always read the label carefully.

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Inner Beauty Support by The Beauty Chef

Inner Beauty Support


A bio-fermented mushroom powder with zinc and vitamin C to help immune system function and general wellbeing*. With Certified Organic turkey tail and shiitake, plus prebiotic green banana starch and probiotics to support gut health—where over 70% of your immune system lies*.

Inner Beauty Essential

Maintain. Strengthen. Glow.

A daily beauty powder for radiant skin* and gut health,* now with a SUPERCHARGED FORMULA. With 18 wholefoods including bio-fermented maqui berries, queen garnet plum and pomegranate fruit peel extract, vitamin C to help boost collagen production* and zinc to support healthy hair and nails.* Plus provitamin A, broad-spectrum B vitamins and more probiotics and postbiotics^ thanks to our more potent fermentation process, this berry-flavored blend promotes luminous skin—from the inside out.*

Inner Beauty Support

Strengthen. Firm. Support

100% clean, certified sustainable marine collagen peptides that contribute to skin elasticity, hydration, collagen density and protection deep within the skin*. This fine powder is also formulated with Bioavailability Factors™—the digestive enzyme bromelain and our exclusive probiotic strain, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GUT5Y™—for enhanced absorption*.


Inner Beauty Support

Clear. Repair. Support.

Designed for people prone to skin congestion and breakouts, this clarifying formula contains nutrients that synergistically support a clearer, healthier and smoother complexion. Including herbal ingredients broccoli sprout, burdock, dandelion and echinacea, this delicious bio-fermented blend also contains probiotics and digestive enzymes for gut health. With provitamin A to support cellular turnover, vitamin B5 to support hormonal metabolism and zinc which assists in wound healing–for resilient, clear and healthy skin.

Inner Beauty Support

Eliminate. Detoxify. Purify. A bio-fermented super-greens powder to help the body realign and support your natural cleansing processes*, now with a SUPERCHARGED FORMULA. With fibre from banana starch and Jerusalem artichoke, choline to aid liver function and fat metabolism*, plus enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy belly.*
I wanted to introduce to you these amazing powders. Being beautiful starts from the the inside. Who doesn’t want clearer skin, cleaner gut and glowing skin? We do. Please follow me on Instagram (@gforgisell) for more beauty products. 

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Thanks for reading. 

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Hello everyone,

My name is Gisell and I’m from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I’m growing my YouTube and Instagram account which I will include my links in this post. 

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Thank you so much. 

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Australia's most in-demand clean cleaning brand, Koala Eco


I wanted to introduce to you this brand. I have used this the whole weekend to fully try it out. Love it because of all the amazing things it offer. My top is that is “clean.” I’ve been transitioning to clean brands for my whole entire home. 

The soap is amazing to use on my dishes. Also I can be certain that my floor is super clean without harsh chemicals fumes lingering in the air. 
I totally recommend and I leave you here some information so you can read and check them out. Thanks for reading. 

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Hopefully by now you've heard that Australia's most in-demand clean cleaning brand, Koala Eco, is now available in the US. 

What you might not know is that every Koala Eco product sold in the US is made in California using aromatherapy-grade Australian essential oils. And you might also not know the exact purpose each plant-based essential oil actually serves to keep your home and body clean. 

We would love to offer you Koala Eco's best-selling home essentials range, which includes Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lemon Myrtle Oil, Rosalina Oil, Mandarin Oil and Lemon Tea Tree Oil. Each oil has been specifically selected for its medicinal and olfactory purposes:



Eucalyptus Oil:

Is antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and an insect-repellant. It's also invigorating for the mind. 

Mandarin Oil:

Mandarin is a calming, happiness promoting scent. In addition to being uplifting, mandarin is also antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, making it ideal for use around the kitchen.


Lemon Tea Tree Oil:  

Lemon tea tree essential oil is a potent antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial, killing bacteria and germs.


Peppermint Oil: 

Has powerful antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, and insecticidal properties. Peppermint also refreshes the senses, soothes nausea and alleviates headaches while improving memory and concentration.



Lemon Myrtle Oil: 

Native to Queensland, Australia, it's likely you've never experienced Lemon Myrtle before. This oil has a beautiful, sweet scent and has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties.

Each of Koala Eco's products are created to be gentle on our mother earth, and are biodegradable, planet based (vegan) and bottled in 100% post-consumer-recycled plastic (which is also 100% recyclable).

Koala Eco's range includes its best-selling:

Natural Hand Wash

Natural Dish Soap

Fruit and Vege Wash

Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Natural Floor Cleaner

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Le Micro-Sérum de Rose Yeux Advanced Eye Serum By Dior


New Beauty Product Alert 

Visibly reduce under-eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness with Dior Prestige Le Micro-Sérum de Rose Yeux Advanced Eye Serum. Made from 97% natural-origin ingredients, the lifting eye serum is powered by Rose de Granville to help visibly restore eye contours and reduce the look of undereye wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. 


A high-performance eye serum composed of 97% natural-origin ingredients to visibly reduce under-eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

Featuring an ergonomic jewel-like applicator that smooths, illuminates and redefines the eye area, this lifting eye serum is powered by the Rose de Granville to help visibly restore eye contours and reduce the look of under-eye wrinkles, expression lines, puffiness and dark circles.

1. Depuff: Using the Micro-Shaper applicator, apply the serum to the lower eyelid, starting from the inner corner of the eye and moving to the outer corner. Then use back and forth motions from the corner of the eye to the temple.
2. Illuminate: Place the Micro-Shaper applicator in the upper inner corner of the eye and glide it under the brow bone. Repeat this step 3 times.
3. Lift: Apply to pressure points just below the eyebrow, from the inner corner to the temple. Then place the applicator on the cheekbone and stretch it to the temple.
4. Smooth: To smooth the nasolabial fold, make rotating motions from the lower corner of the lips to the corner of the nose.

- Visible eye wrinkles are reduced by 50%
- The appearance of eye puffiness is reduced by 50%

*Clinical test by a dermatologist, 32 women--immediate visibility of the frown line and eye puffiness with applicator vs. without applicator.

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Who said older women can’t be beautiful? I’m seeing older women take social media by storm ⛈ and I’m here for it 😍 Let’s break these outdated stereotypes! 

Would you agree? 

Makeup details:

Loving my @maccosmetics foundation and setting spray 

All shadows @pacificabeauty palette, blush and contour 

Lipstick Duo @bhcosmetics #alondradessy 

Brows @anastasiabeverlyhills wax and @itcosmetics pencil Also highlighter #amrezyhighlighter 

Concealer @fentybeauty 

Necklace @fivepmjewelry 

Setting Powder @covergirl @covergirlpuertorico in translucent 

Skin care set @jlobeauty @jlo obsessed with the serum. 

Lashes by @Novellashes in “Poet”