Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vinali Cosmetics Brand Skin Care Line

Tratamiento Anti-Oxidante
 I am introducing you this Cosmetic Brand. I had the pleasure to try the Antioxidant Skin Care and I love it. It is natural and you can feel your skin so soft and clean right after you use it. I recommend it and I know you will love it too.
Vinali is a cosmetic line based on the benefits of wine. Yes WINE!  They associate the antioxidants of grapes with other powerful active ingredientsas the St. John's Wort which is a relaxant, calendula to hydrate the skin, and cocoa for it's firming properties, among others.
Apply morning and night. Watch your skin change in a matter of weeks to this glowing and healthy radiance. Please visit the website for other products:
For my spanish speaking viewers. Aqui les traigo un producto natural para la limpiesa del cutiz.
Tratamiento Anti-Oxidante
         Un tratamiento diario, protector y anti-oxidante. Una fórmula untuosa, elaborada a partir de Resveratrol, un polifenol de uva con altas propiedades anti-oxidantes, que activa la protección y la regeneracivn celular. La piel desintoxicada queda radiante.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hair Care, Why Are You Not Effective? Things You Might be Doing Wrong!


By: Sarah Del Rosario
Guest Blogger

We all wish to have that gorgeous and healthy mane. In fact, I think most of us are doing everything that we can to take care of our hair. We buy shampoos, conditioners and hair care treatments, hoping that one day, these things will give us the dream hair that we most desire. These days, there are lots of hair care regimens that are being promoted in various articles online. These regimens help us to maintain our hair and keep it as healthy as possible. You may have followed these regimens up to the last period. You brush your hair 100 times at night, you have had your hot oil treatment every week. You did every thing these hair care regimen told you to do but why is it that your hair is not healthy enough? Well, have you stopped and think that maybe, there are some things that you are doing wrong?


It is great that we try and do the things that will maintain a healthy hair but this is not enough. In addition to that, you should also shy away from the things that might be doing our hair harm. What can these things be? Well, why don't you read on to find out?


ñ Wrapping the hair in turban after a bath. I think many ladies are guilty of doing this. I know, this may seem like a very innocent act but trust me when I say that it can do great damage to your hair. How can this be? Well, the weight of the towel that you wrapped around your hair will pull at your roots and can cause hair breakage. What makes it worse is that you subject your hair to such stress at its most vulnerable moment-- when it's wet! Try to quit this habit and you will see how bouncy your hair can grow to be.

ñ Avoid getting regular haircuts. Most people do this when they are trying to grow their hair long. This might seem the most logical thing to do. However, avoiding haircuts may actually harm your hair. If you will avoid getting regular haircuts, you are just promoting split ends. In addition to that, you might be even keeping your hair from growing. It is advised that we have haircuts every 6-8 weeks. The intervals will vary depending on the cycle of your hair growth.

ñ Washing your hair too frequently. Many people think that it is a must that they wash their hair everyday. However, doing so may scrape your scalp the natural oils your hair needs the most. As a result, you will end up with a dry and frizzy hair. One of the causes of this would be the harmful chemicals that are used in manufacturing your shampoo. Depending on the texture of your hair, you should wash your hair only about one to two times a week. When choosing your hair care products, avoid anything that has sulfates, ceramides and panthenol.

ñ Using the same shampoo over and over again. When you find a shampoo that does great wonders to your hair, you will surely stick to it.  After all, why would you stop using a product that provides you with amazing results, right? Well, this might seen like an intelligent move but actually, this can harm your hair. Repeatedly using one shampoo may alter the chemical balance of your hair. Because of this, it would be best that you alternate the use of different shampoos.

About the Author:

Sarah del Rosario is a beauty and health blogger. Aside from writing, she is also fond of painting and DIY crafts. She currently partners with Hair Booth, one the the trusted online shops of Muk products.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gisell's HairCut pick of the Month - February 2013

Gisell's Pick for February 2013

I am in love with Ginnifer Goodwin's haircut. It is a short, pixie cut but still girly. She looks fabulous and I can't wait to copy this cut on my salon clients. I chose this as my pick Haircut of the Month for February 2013.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cosamo Hair Color Line

Non-permanent hair dye is a chemical agent used to color hair. Unlike longer-lasting versions, it has no ammonia and no peroxide content. It has advantages such as:
  • Lasts 6-12 shampoos
  • Black Blends away gray
  • Includes Revitalizing Conditioner
  • Comparable to Clairol Loving Care

  • A non-permanent hair dye falls in between temporary and permanent. It uses no ammonia subtitute and has no peroxide percentage, so it doesn’t react with natural pigments and can only add color. The larger molecules are big enough that they can’t come right out but are small enough that they don’t have the staying power found in a long-lasting formula.

    Love Your Color requires no mixing – everything is in one bottle that does not have to be thrown away after the first use. The full amount can be applied for all-over coverage or just a portion used on roots for touchup. Coloring takes 20 minutes after a one step, easy application. Packaging includes complimentary gloves, cap, and two-minute conditioner.

    This color brand has many colors to choose from. Currently, Love Your Color comes in shades of black, dark brown, medium brown, medium ash brown, light brown and natural dark blonde and lasts from six to twelve shampoos. It can be used on all hair types and is carefully formulated to leave hair shiny, healthy looking and not over-processed.

     I do use black and I do have grays. I prefer not to blend grays to my black but this line is excellent in my gray coverage so I am extremeley happy with the results. All colors blend gray. It also leaves my hair soft and shiny. For more information and color selections visit the website


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    Saturday, March 2, 2013

    Younique Moodstruck Eye Collection: My new Obsession


    I want to introduce you to this amazing Cosmetic line product, "Moodstruck Eye Collection." It includes the 3D amazing mascara; so say NO to fake lashes, girls.
    The MEC contains 4 mineral eye shadow pigments. All of the pigments are natural, and works well with all skin types. Remember, you can apply it wet or dry because it contains no talc or other filler ingredients. It also comes with 3 high quality hair brushes; perfect for blending and shading your looks. Also you will get the 3D fiber lashes that comes in 2 separate applicators.
    I guarantee you will love this too!

    Loving my eye lashes after my 3D gel mascara. I used confident, feisty and sexy pigments out of the 4. I kept it lighter for the day time but you can add the black pigment Devious, for an intense night look.



    Please visit the website for more information. This is so worth every penny. You can ask any question and I will respond asap to you.

    To purchase this product directly use this link

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