Saturday, March 2, 2013

Younique Moodstruck Eye Collection: My new Obsession


I want to introduce you to this amazing Cosmetic line product, "Moodstruck Eye Collection." It includes the 3D amazing mascara; so say NO to fake lashes, girls.
The MEC contains 4 mineral eye shadow pigments. All of the pigments are natural, and works well with all skin types. Remember, you can apply it wet or dry because it contains no talc or other filler ingredients. It also comes with 3 high quality hair brushes; perfect for blending and shading your looks. Also you will get the 3D fiber lashes that comes in 2 separate applicators.
I guarantee you will love this too!

Loving my eye lashes after my 3D gel mascara. I used confident, feisty and sexy pigments out of the 4. I kept it lighter for the day time but you can add the black pigment Devious, for an intense night look.



Please visit the website for more information. This is so worth every penny. You can ask any question and I will respond asap to you.

To purchase this product directly use this link

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  1. These shades are gorgeous! The Sexy one is my favorite, I think. :D


    1. It's beautiful, you can use the sexy as highlighter as well :)

  2. It actually looks amazing on you! x

    1. Thank you. The colors are better than pics

  3. That's an amazing result for real lashes! The shades are beautiful - thanks for sharing!

    xo, samantha