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I love to help people!

I know you are wondering why this page is called "My Dream Foundation" well since I was young, about 16 years old I knew one day I wanted to do a charity foundation. I also knew what I wanted it to be about 100% with out a doubt. I am interested in helping kids and families with their expenses on a birth defect called cleft palate.

Why? Well I was born with this defect. I went through a long speech therapy sessions and was made fun of how I use to talk. I was one of the lucky ones that you can not tell by looking at me but others are not as lucky. One day I hope to start this foundation and I can not wait to help people out there.

 Here is some information for people to understand this birth defect:

What is cleft palate?

Cleft palate is a treatable birth defect. It happens when the roof of the baby's mouth (palate) does not develop normally during pregnancy, leaving an opening (cleft) in the palate that may go through to the nasal cavity. A cleft can form on any part of the palate, including the front part of the roof of the mouth (hard palate) or the small flap of tissue that hangs down from the soft palate ( uvula ). It may appear by itself or along with other birth defects of the face and skull, such as a cleft lip. Cleft palate and cleft lip are the most common birth defects of the head and neck. Until it is treated with surgery, a cleft palate can cause problems with feeding, speech, and hearing.

What causes cleft palate?

Doctors aren't sure what causes it. But your baby may be more likely to have cleft palate if you:

Use certain medicines while you're pregnant.

Use alcohol or illegal drugs while you're pregnant.

Smoke while you're pregnant.

Are exposed to radiation or infections while you're pregnant.

Have a family history of cleft palate.

It's important to take good care of yourself before and during your pregnancy so that your baby will be as healthy as possible.

Please click here for more info on this DEFECT

Thank you so much for reading my dream :)

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