Thursday, May 25, 2017

Brumisateur Facial Spray by Evian

For those who haven't used facial mists before, they are a good way to quickly rehydrate your parched skin, feel fresh when you wake up in the morning or can be used to set makeup at the end of applying your look. I do like using facial mists in general though because my skin is very dry. This is a great way to quickly feel refreshed and moisturized before the moisturizer.

How to use it:

To refresh your skin after a long day from working out at the gym, or dealing with stress from work, it just takes is a light mist. Softly press down the button to spray once while holding the bottle about 10 inches away from the face. Once the mist sits on the skin, you only have to wait a few seconds for the Evian Facial Spray to absorb into the skin.

To use it as an asset to any makeup routine, a light mist will help set your makeup to have a smoother and lasting finish. After applying makeup, hold the canister 9-12 inches from the face, and lightly mist in a circular motion right over makeup. This helps makeup blend with the skin to give it a more natural look while bringing out more color.

A favorite trick among makeup artists, using the Evian Facial Spray to lightly moisten makeup brushes prior to makeup application can give more precise application and blending. For areas of face makeup that accidently applies to thick, you can lightly mist a brush to dilute makeup as well.

My personal opinion:

I find myself using facial mists the most before my moisturizer, leaving it looking dewy and supple. I love it and I recommend to everyone to try it. I also use it on my clients makeup application. This was not sticky before drying. There is no scent and no shimmer sparkles in this formula. The facial spray comes out crystal clear like water. It dries quickly which is awesome.

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Do you use facial sprays/mists to help set your makeup or to rehydrate your skin?

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Nimni Cream by Hydropeptide

Harness the revolutionary power of Dr. Marcel Nimni’s collagen research with this intensive cream that delivers proven age-reversal results. Skin glows with improved fullness and elasticity and fine lines and wrinkles disappear. This exclusive formula uses time-released retinol for the ultimate rejuvenation of aging skin. Along with a patented amino acid complex, this incredible formulation helps skin produce collagen once again for a look that continues to defy age over time.

  • Ideal for skin with deep wrinkles or lost facial volume
  • Formulated with exclusive Nimni™ Technology
  • Improves skin’s fullness and elasticity
  • Reveals younger-looking skin through optimized collagen production
  • Time-released retinol formula rejuvenates for beautiful, younger skin
  • not for sensitive skin
  • This extra rich, intensely hydrating night cream replenishes anti-aging moisture to skin while you sleep. Which is the best time to do so, because that is when the skin is working its hardest with skincare ingredients. During the day it fights off environmental pollutants.
How to use: Apply a small amount to a clean face and neck at night. Carefully avoid the eyes and the corner of the eyes. Begin use twice a week and then increase frequency as tolerated.

Do not use retinol products if you are pregnant or nursing, taking prescription acne medication, or in conjunction with waxing, chemical peels or resurfacing procedures. Always use a high, broad spectrum sunscreen when using this product.

My Opinion: After trying for weeks I am absolutely delighted, I feel radiant when I wake up! Although I need to use this longer to actually see results like anything else out there, I had the privilege to use many other products from this brand and I couldn't be more satisfied.

What is your favorite night cream?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Derma Matrix and Hyaluronic Acid Liquid by Neocell

I am constantly reminded that I am not getting any younger, so any product that I can use to try and slow down the aging process, I am all game. Especially anything that has collagen in it.

With advanced ingredients designed to internally nourish the skin, Derma Matrix’s and Hyaluronic Acid formula uses BioActive NeoCell Collagen which is created through a propriety micronization process.  The product dissolves instantly in water. I mix it with my daily fruit smoothie and is standardized for maximum absorption and efficacy. This product helps to promote reduction of lines and wrinkles, increases hydration by 21%+ and supports cell turnover & elasticity.  After taking this product for a month, I noticed that my skin feels moisturized and hydrated.  During the Winter months – this is key since my skin is very dry and needs the added moisture.

I’m quite impressed with this product and I love that it is so easy to take. NeoCell offers such awesome products for supplements and I have been liking this one.  It doesn’t really have much of a flavor so mixing it with juice or your favorite smoothie will result in no flavor or taste you don’t like. They also have amazing snack you can take in your purse and have it on the run.  

For more information please visit their website:

If you are using any product that has collagen please let me know below. I would love to try them. Thank you for reading! See you soon.