Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gerovital H3 Skin Care Products

Not even two weeks and you will see results. I have been using this everyday. My skin is soft and firmer. I see hardly no fine lines and I am excited! I have no negative reviews for these products.

GEROVITAL H3 EVOLUTION, Moisturizing Lifting Cream

 A day care moisturizing cream, with a powerful lifting effect offering you UV protection throughout the entire day. Prevents the destructive action of UV radiations and environmental factors by means of a synergic action between the Superoxide Dismutase - anti-aging enzyme-,Boswellia Serrata and UV filters. Corrects the skin imperfections, diminishes and erases the fine lines and wrinkles by means of the three innovative ingredients Sepilift, Lipomoist and liposomes with Hyaluronic Acid. BENEFITS: Firm, intensely moisturized, protected skin.
Gerovital Plant FORTE is the more complete line addressing all types of skin (dry, normal, oily, sensitive, mature) and also having body care products.
The products of the line are rich in natural ingredients (over 90%), concentrated plant extracts (FORTE means force, power), essential oils and fats, vitamins, new generation of active ingredients to fight aging and confer skin moisture, nourishment, firm and youthful skin.
I love this line and you will too. I also love the Tonic Lotion
Moisturizing Tonic Lotion
Benefits:Soothes, softens, regenerates and energizes while revealing perfectly clean, clear and more refined skin.

Product Details:
A refreshing, soothing, regenerating and energizing lotion created to deep-cleanse the skin.
Promote a shine-free appearance.
Helps the better absorption of the cream. Please visit their site for more info:

Try it now!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

CB12 Mint Oral Care Agent

Breath is definitely part of beauty.

If you or anyone else that you know suffer from bad morning breath or just want a healthy fresh smelling mouth then this product is for you. CB12 works instantly to neutralise and prevent the gases that cause bad breath, giving you safe breath confidence for 12 hours. CB12’s unique and patented formulation is proven to perform better against bad breath than other oral hygiene products that may just mask the smell of bad breath. Plus CB12 contains 0.05% sodium fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.
I was sent a bottle of CB12 for review from Meda Pharmacy in mint/menthol flavor. The bottle has an auto dosing system by simply pressing the red button it will dispense the correct amount into the lid. Then you simply swill around mouth and spit out. I have used and it left my mouth feeling and smelling fresh all day, everyday! Please visit the website at:


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Line

Rose Body Oil

I am in love with the Rose Body Oil. It does not leave you looking oily at all. It absorbs to your skin rapidly and leaves your skin feeling soft.

Regenerating Day Cream

Here’s a little information about the Regenerating Day Cream…
For those concerned about aging, the Dr.Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream refines, smoothes and strengthens demanding, mature skin. The luxuriously creamy formula enhances the skin’s tone, helping to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, leaving the skin feeling soft, supple and radiant. It also helps to soothe reddened, sensitive skin.

What I liked?
The cream glides on the skin really well and is absorbed instantly. It made my face feel extremely soft and even the dryer areas felt moisturised. Some creams can be a little heavy and I found this one to be light in texture but still gave a really good coverage. I also found you didn’t need to apply too much.  I am now 36 and do have fine lines around my eyes, I also have some on my forehead too. Unless you are close up these aren’t massively noticeable, I still know they are there and am conscious of them though and like to minimise them if at all possible. I did find the cream helped to minimise them, especially the ones on my forehead. This was something I was extremely impressed with as I found it was almost an ‘instant’ fix when it came to hiding them. I also feel over time the cream would really help to remove them more.

Overall I was really impressed with Dr.Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream, it did do exactly what it said it would for me and has made a definite improvement on my skin and its condition.

Dr.Hauschka range on their website and purchase the Regenerating Day Cream there too.