Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sleeping is as important as Breathing

What does lack of sleep does to the health, that is the question? 

Insufficient sleep can affect hormonal balance in adults. Tissue repair also occurs during sleep, including repair to the daily skin damage done by UV light. Getting enough deep sleep will help your skin repair itself. How does not enough sleep affect the brain? When people do not have enough sleep, they cannot concentrate well the next day and have problems forming memories.  During sleep, neurons can shut down and repair any damage done during the day. Without these repairs, the neurons may not function correctly due to a buildup of waste products. Sleep also seems important for the formation of memories. Lack of sleep increases the risk for developing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and infections equals to health problems. Humans deprived of sleep for long periods begin hallucinating and develop other mental problems.

Why am I writing about sleep? Beauty for me comes from the inside. Taking care of your health inside shows on the outside.

Getting sleeps really makes you feel better. Sleeping boosts your mood and no dark under-eyes lol which will make you look exhausting.

Let's get our Beauty Sleep and let's glow the next day! Thank you for reading.

Gisell xoxo


  1. So true- I def need to get more sleep, Maybe a melatonin is in order for tonight :) lol

  2. This is sooo true Giselle!! Great article!!

  3. Gisell....Que interesante esto que has comentado como todo lo que vienes publicando...sabes me la paso horas en la quita el sueño y me ha formado ojeras....
    Sabes algo sobre las ojeras ???
    ya se me vas a decir que me valla a dormir màs temprano.
    un beso

    1. voy aser un post solo para ti para las ojeras lol

  4. This post is really important, I need to get good sleep every night. I know lack of sleep is bad for you but reading this will motivate me to catch up on sleep.

    1. Tanya thanks so much for the postive comments <3