Monday, February 6, 2012

Exfoliate your Lips...

I want to make this post because I hate, and I think it's gross when females walk around with dry lips. I mean why? Really that is not sexy looking at all. Why put on MAC expensive makeup on and have nasty lips? I am sorry but I can not get over this. Sooo... I have a simple, fix a problem deal for you. Exfoliate your dam lips.

Simple and Easy: Follow my instructions. Ready?

kitchen honey
kitchen sugar
and a toothbrush

Preparations: mix a little bit of honey with the sugar. Take the little brush and brush your lips dead skin off. Yes, that's it. This is so important. Your lips will only be soft and also looking desirable. Now, when you put on your lip gloss your lips will look so much smoother. I promise you will not regret it...go ahead and try it. Let me know what you think?    

End results ;)

Thank you for reading,


  1. so True! I am faced with trying to apply gorgeous lip colors to very dry lips daily. Great reccommendation!

    1. thank you. im glad I can help. smooth those babies up! lol

  2. What a helpful post, I wish I could do this to my whole face at the moment - damn cold weather!

    1. i hate the summer girl.. i hear u!

  3. omg I hate dry lips too! lol I have never tried a homemade scrub though!

  4. I have such rough winters and my lips always look disgusting even if I buy the most expensive lipbalms, thank you for the remedy!
    Im a new follower. :)

  5. thank you so much for this advice...I will try it :)
    kisses from Italy,