Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gloss, Serum, shine and more SHINE!

I love shine products but some shine product can be heavy so it will weigh your hair down. It is important to understand the product and pick the right one for your hair need.

Silk drops by designline line $10.59. It is a repair & shine serum. Repair means it closes the split ends to look smoother plus shine. I must add the smell is great. You can use this all on hair hair types before and after blow dry style.

Biolage has "deep smothing serum" and also "color care shielding shine mist".

The Biolage deep smoothing serum is thicker than the mist. It's $14.00. It is great for unrully, frizzy hair. It has a bonus *it protects against heat and humidity. That's a plus. 

The color shielding mist is lighter in texture. It is sprayed on and it is 13.99. Helps preserve color radiance. It has antioxidant, sunflower oil and a UV filter helps protect against sun heat. 

To be honest I try so many glosses but I love "Its a 10 serum" which is $22.00 high on price but it is worth it and I also love the gloss drops by designline on top of this post. I also recomment Mazani serum for textured hair. I use it before blow outs and It really is a good product. I hope you enjoyed my post.

Gisell ✂


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gisell's every other day hair CARE (products I use personally)

My every other day routine!

 Yes, I love to take care of my hair. I also love to take care of my clients hair as well. Almost everyday someone ask me what I use on my hair. It is healthy and shiny.  So I am writting this little blog to inform all my beautiful readers my secret before it becomes a rumour lol!...

First I start with washing my hair with It's a 10 shampoo (with moisture), towel dry it throughly then followed by the It's a 10 conditoner.
I then use the It's a 10 leave in conditioner with keratin and blow out my hair straight. I blow out so good I hardly do not use my hot flat iron, but if I do use it I spray my hair before that with Its a 10 heat spray. Then to finalize my look I use the It's a 10 serum FOR SHINE. I love to shine everywhere I go... I also deep condition my hair weekly with either the Its a 10 deep conditioner or Redkens deep fuel.

Tell me what's your secret?


Friday, March 25, 2011

Dr. Irwin and skin care products

You guys must check out with the questions and answers that can help you with any skin problems you may have. This site is very informative and easy to find answers regarding skin care. It is a professional site from a doctor herself. You can see what products Dr. Irwin uses herself and many other people.

Take a tour of the sites:

Top 100 Products 2011

Anti aging


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gisell's deep conditioning hair treatment products favorites

I can not stress the importance of hair and scalp care. Call me obssesed if you must. I am in love with a good hair wash, applying a deep conditioner (with a scalp massage), putting a plastic cap and going under the hot heat dryer for 15 to 20 minutes. Not only it's relaxing but it is so good for your scalp and hair. Even if it is once a month to have a scalp massage, for me it is worth it. Try it and let me know how it feels.

Here I wrote some benefits that you will get from a scalp massage:

A deep relaxation to the head and scalp which allows blood circulation to flow more easily to the hair roots.
Improved circulation, which results from scalp massage, provides hair roots with nourishment to help trigger hair growth.

When a good conditioner it is used, it can help add moisture and conditioning to the scalp and the hair enhancing natural textures and making it move vibrant.

Scalp massage adds natural luster and shine to the hair.

 Scalp massage can relieve itchy scalps, prevent flaking and help with chronic dandruff. Always check with your dermatologist first.
Regular scalp massage can help protect hair from environmental toxins and other weather conditions by helping to strengthen the follicles.

It can help with stressful or negative emotions.

The benefits of scalp massage also help provide a glow to the complexion of the face.

It can help your eyes to relax, help to minimize chronic eye strain, and can be a general tonic for hypersensitivity or excessive nervousness.

Regular scalp massage has proven to help in some cases of chronic headaches or migraines.

Here are my top 4 favorite deep conditioners that I have used. Mind you that I have used millions of them since beauty school more than 10 years ago. These are my favorite ones below and my TOP 1 it's my bonus*

I leave this on my hair for hours than I rinse.

Ofcourse, the bonus is my top number 1 product. It is on the pricey side but every penny worth it. I love it and I love the whole line of It's a 10...

What are your favorites? Drop me a comment and I will try them out.

Love, care and feed your hair!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gisell's Tips for good hair care...

  1. Before applying conditioner make sure you towel dry your hair after you rinse out the shampoo. Putting conditioner on soaked hair will not do what the conditioner was ment to do. After you are ready to rinse out the conditioner, rinse with cool water so it can lock conditioner. (smae rule goes for deep conditioning treatments)
  2. Use hair products for your hair type. If your hair is dry, use products that are for dry hair. I as a professional advice you to go to the nearest salon and invest in good products.
  3. When hair is wet do not brush, it pulls and will break. Instead use a large comb with wide teeth to comb through.
  4. Trim your hair every 2-3 months. Take those dead, split ends out.
  5. Do not dye your hair on top of dye. That is the biggest mistake people do especially with home dyes.
  6. Blow outs with flat irons without heat protective products is bad for the hair. Hair needs to be protected from heat, flat irons can go  up to 475 degrees. HOT!
  7. Protein and Moisture hair must have. Ask a professional if you can not determine what's missing in your hair.
     Hair is the ultimate accessory. Love it, take care of it and feed it.