Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Let's talk about what Probiotics really are.

Probiotics are living microorganisms that, when ingested, provide numerous health benefits. They're usually bacteria, but certain types of yeasts can also function as probiotics.

Humans have billions of friendly bacteria living in our digestive tracts, as well as bacteria that isn't so friendly to our systems. Probiotics — beneficial or "friendly" bacteria — help us to digest our food and absorb nutrients effectively, while overgrowth of bacteria like Candida can negatively impact digestion and lead to other complications like yeast infections and oral thrush.

In choosing a probiotic, you may be looking for specific strains guided by your own research or the suggestions of your physician or healthcare professional. Or a quick google search can help guide you through all the strains and their benefits to help you choose the probiotic best for you.

Sometimes our customers can tell it like it is better than we can! Check out these testimonials to some commonly asked questions about probiotics...

Should I take probiotics if I am on antibiotics?

Cindy says:
"I'm a BELIEVER!!! I've always wanted to be on a probiotic for overall gut health. Some time ago I tried a well known quality brand of probiotics geared towards women's health. Unfortunately, I got really bad indigestion and the benefits of taking the product did not outweigh the side effect so I stopped taking it. Recently, I knew I had a round of antibiotics in my future for a dental procedure and went on the hunt for a probiotic to save me from the severe effects of the medication on my gut. I liked the idea of a liquid probiotic for easier absorption and decided to give MaryRuth Organics a try. I started taking the drops with water approximately 2 weeks before the first dose of antibiotics. I was more scared of the side effects of the medication than the surgery. Thanks to this probiotic I DID NOT experience a single side effect commonly associated with a course of antibiotics. For that I am grateful! I have since started taking the morning and evening liquid vitamins in an attempt to boost my overall health. To top it all off, MaryRuth Organics' customer service has been fantastic!

Can probiotics help with more than digestion?

Rose says:
"Bacterial vaginosis and back-acne resolved in days. I have tried every treatment from medicine to homeopathic to help my bacterial vaginosis, a problem I had for 3 years. It persisted. After spraying down there after the shower once or twice a day my symptoms resolved within a couple of days!!! I also had some back acne and so after the shower I spray the probiotic on my back. This also worked in just a few days. Very interesting! I spray my face sometimes too."

Will the liquid probiotic help with things like bloating, constipation and the like?

Jane says:
"Great product! I noticed a difference immediately! I did not realize that I was experiencing bloating until I used this product and I am feeling so much lighter as a result!"

Jennifer Says:
"My grandson's tummy is feeling better than ever...My grandson used to get constipated for days but not anymore! He used to get sick all the time but not anymore!"

Sunny R. Says:
"Wonderful. The liquid probiotic is the best that I have ever tried. My bloating has significantly reduced and bowel movements are much more frequent. Overall, my stomach discomfort has greatly improved."


Can kids take probiotics?

Melanie says:
"Can't beat it!! I love the probiotic spray for my 5 year old. I use a lot of Mary Ruth products. They are clean and you know what your putting in your children's bodies are safe!!"

Jessica Says:
"Fabulous. The probiotic is being used for my kids and for myself and it's awesome. Tasteless, which is great, especially for the kiddos. We love it."

Amanda J. says:
"THE BEST for toddlers AND adults...My daughter suffered from bouts of diarrhea for months and we watched her weight fall. Her stool pathogen panel cultured out E. coli. After getting Mary Ruth's probiotic and switching out the dropper for the spray attachment, it's now my daughter's favorite part of the day. I am no longer having to force a syringe full of powdered probiotic/milk into my her mouth with her screaming and spitting it out. 4 sprays as my 15 month old giggles and no
diarrhea since. We are so grateful to have found this amazing brand."

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