Sunday, October 14, 2018

TB Studio and TB Elixir Hair Products

Lave Shampoo
Gentle hydrating cleanser infused with Argan oil to add incredible moisture into the hair, eliminating any dry or brittle feeling. Leaves hair with a soft feel while keeping the color safe and hair incredibly shiny. Thermally safe and great for soft curls. Sulfate,  paraben, gluten and sodium chloride free. 

Squeaky Shampoo
Invigorating and clarifying shampoo with healing Tea Tree oil. The highest grade of pure Peppermint oil and healing Tea Tree oil, deep clean and heal while invigorating the scalp. Removes debris and build-up from the hair soft to clarify and condition while improving body and shine. Goes hand in hand with Nourish conditioner. Paraben and gluten free. Available in 6.75 oz

Nourish Conditioner
vitamin and protein enriched daily conditioner for sensitive scalp and hair. The ideal companion to Squeaky shampoo. Moisturizes and conditions with botanicals and proteins to leave hair shiny and full of body. Transform dry sensitive hair into shiny, healthy looking hair after just one use. Sulfate, paraben, and gluten free.

Dew Conditioner
Creamy hydrating conditioner with Argan Oil gently detangles while adding moisture to the hair without weighing it down. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help strengthen dry and brittle hair while calming down those frizzy ends. Argan Oil acts as a natural hydrator and free radical neutralizer to keep your hair looking genuinely healthy. Sulfate, paraben, and gluten free.

Curvaceous Curl Lotion
Creamy formula will moisturize and define curls of any hair type. Will also create lift when blow drying straight. Enjoy shiny touchable curls verses crunchy hard hair.  Paraben and gluten free.

Spray laminate for an instant brilliant shine of dry or dull hair. Smoothies down frizzy or fried ends, dries clear without a trace. An alcohol-Oil free formula with heat protection. Helps prevent hair damage during hot styling. UV absorber helps protect from sun damage. Paraben and gluten free. 

Everything you need in one bottle. The ultimate smoothing serum. Apply a few smalll pumps into damp hair, comb thru and blow dry. If you wait till it’s almost dry your hair is even easier to blow straight. For soft, sleek, sexy shiny, straight hair. Will make the curliest hair straight and frizzy free. Super concentrated. Paraben  and gluten free.

TB Studio is a full service salon which caters to many clients. Belinda, she is the owner and also a cosmetologist who opened her doors in 1986 providing service and continuing her education. She is currently in Florida with a full list of clientele. Please read more about her here:

My Honest thoughts:
I have been blogging since 2010 and also I have been a hairstylist since 1999. It is safe to say that I have tried gazillions of hair products. Let me start with the packaging. It may be a big deal to some or none. As for me personally I love me a good design. These products look simple but yet classy. It is a see through bottle so the colors of the shampoos design the bottle on its own. Do you get what I mean? Love it! 

Ok!!! Let's talk about the inside. The real TEA!!!! I used all of these products in a month or so period. The smells are divine. I used the Dew with the Nourish on my curly hair client. I blew dry it straight, I wanted to actually see it work as oppose to leave it a curly look. Let me tell you it worked wonders. It provided her with a long lasting moisture and I finished the look with the sleek spray. You don't need much just 2-3 sprays so this product will also last for a long time. Super concentrated which means you more than your money is worth! Saving is a must!! The prices are insane. They are so affordable you can stock up in one shopping trip!

I also want to root for the root lifter, no pun intended ha! I used it on my self on those hot and humid days that I can not blow out my hair. It gives a hold and a lift. You will love it for volume. Holds but did not stiffed my hair like all those gels do. yay! I love, love them all. So worth it. Go and try it and come back to talk about it. Follow TB Studio's Instagram @tbstudio also follow my IG @beautybygisell

All products are safe for color treated hair. Thanks for reading.

TB Studio = TB definition is "The Beauty Studio... we kill bad hair, the products are The Beauty Elixir...The Remedy"