Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Your Balls will Thank You by Manscaped

Prep Work

If you’re going to shave your balls, the most important thing you can do is prepare the area beforehand. Regular skin care can soften the skin and the hair — down to the follicle. Both of these outcomes help the shaving outcome. They reduce the risk of tugging and snagging, and they help the razor blade glide smoothly while you shave. Clearly, shaving lubricant is important for that, but it works better when you’re taking good general care of yourself. All of these tips are aimed at that goal. 
Use Deodorant
It might sound a little weird, but deodorant is one of the key ingredients in keeping your balls from being diced when you shave. We’re not talking about slathering any old armpit stick on your genitals. That would be weird. What you need is a proper ball deodorant, designed specifically to help that part of your body achieve greater general health. 
Crop Preserver is the perfect ball deodorant. 
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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

All a gal needs is a little black dress and one fancy, big hat. When I am writing a character in France 🇫🇷 I also wear my hat 😂 gotta get into character ya know! 🎬

Hat from @calvinklein
Eye Palette “Smokey Show” #colourpopcosmetics
Eye glitter @covergirl #3 silver
Hydrating Skin primer @covergirl #covergirlmade
Waterline black pencil @loraccosmetics
Lipstick “Latte” shiny sheer lip gloss #ultabeauty @ultabeauty
Lashes “Mami” by @colourpopcosmetics
Brows #nyxcosmetics
Foundation #fentybeauty
Concealer @covergirl
Contour @nyxcosmetics
Powder/bronzer @lauramercier
Mascara @lancome #lancome #aginglikefinewine

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