Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dandruff or Dry Scalp, which one is it?

I been going through this itchy stuff on my head for so long. I decided to write a post about it because I feel that you might need my help! You feel an itchy, dry scalp so you automatically think is dandruff but it might be dry scalp. How to determine?

If your scalp is itchy, oily and red this is dandruff. Do not worry you are not alone. Many people have this condition especially this time of the year. It can get worse in winter. I used Head and Shoulders for a while. It did take away some of my itching but not the dandruff. So I tried Selsum Blue it contains the ingredient "selenium sulfide" which kills the fungus that causes dandruff and BOY did that work. Although Head and Shoulder does contain this ingredient it did not help me.Selsum Blue is so amazing. I used to shampoo my hair twice a week with Selsum Blue. You can alternate with your regular shampoo also.

Dry Scalp is itchy and can be oily with minimal flakes or no flakes. You can try putting scalp oil from Mazani before the shampoo and condition like normal. It usually helps. Winter weather is harsh for your skin as well. Try washing your hair every other day instead of daily. Less is more. I hope this helps.

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