Thursday, March 1, 2012

Natural ways to get rid of Toxins

 What are tox·ins?
Toxins is any poison produced by an organism
Lemon water helps clean the toxins out of our bodies. When you get rid of toxic waste in your system, your skin will show it first. They are many ways to get rid of toxins from detoxing, saunas, eating certaing foods and many other natural ways. Detoxin your body can be beneficial to your body.
 Do it the natural way. Here are just a few examples out of many natural ways.

Massage is a natural way to speed up detox. By massaging your body muscles and skin, you are loosening the toxins that are stored or 'building up' in your cells. There you go now that is a good reason to make your spa appointment today.

Skin Detox Another form of detox assistance can come through the skin: saunas and 'hot yoga' provide high-sweat environments meant to speed up detox through the largest organ in your body-skin.

Yoga aids in mental detox as well.

Saunas detoxification sweating is the body's safe and natural way to heal & stay healthy. Saunas are designed to promote deep, natural, detoxifying sweat. You feel lighter after 10 minute session.

Detox benefits: Squeezes the abdominal organs and stimulates digestion and elimination. If you have trouble using the bathroom, try a veggie and fruit diet for 10 days and your body will say thank you! :)


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  2. Cleaning your body with simple detox programs and show your body how much you love and appreciate all the years it is been working for you!!