Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Perfume is like the Cherry on top of the Whip Cream!

Smelling Delicious is part of your outside beauty. If you have been checking my blog out than you know what I am talking about. This post is not about skin or hair care but it's about dressing up your skin into your favorite scent. Having people around you getting a sniff of you is my favorite part. Well, I also do love smelling sexy! 
The beauty process starts from the inside out. Last thing after you finish with your lip gloss than you put on your perfume. Maybe not necessary after the lip gloss but you know what I mean right?

 What's you favorite perfume? For me I have a collection. These are my top 4 at the moment. The Halle Berry I just bought it Monday and I love it.
While girls collect handbag and shoes, I collect perfumes. FML lol kidding!


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  1. the kim kardashian perfume smells soo good!

  2. Very pleased to find this site. Thanks for taking the time to share this.

  3. A good thing here that you have some tips for men too :-) Nice job