Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars 2012 Hair Styles

I really loved many of the dresses and hairstyles for the Oscars 2012 event. My favorite I must say is Angelina Jolie, she really looked hot! She looked refreshed and happy. I think that red lipstick really popped for her. I also loved Jennifer Lopez dress she always look stunning! I also loved Shailene's bun, the last pic of this post. Buns can be perfect for almost any event I think.

What did you enjoy of this even? What's your favorite hairstyles? Come and Interact with me. I reply back!


  1. Love the hair styles!

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  2. Angelina is a fashion icon, I really liked her dress and her hair was just perfect :)
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  3. You definitly found the best hairstyles! Love especially the style of Jlo!! But all ladies looks gorgeous:)

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  4. Hi pretty! Love them all....

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