Wednesday, January 29, 2014

15 Day Detox Diet





THE KIT INCLUDES: a 15 day diet plan.

*I have tried it and I have to say it works. I also have tried other products and they all worked for me. This is a perfect way to start a lifetime of healthy eating.* Once you purchase the kit, it comes with a bottle of Senna (stool softener) and a detox diet plan.

Increasing fat burning activity during exercise.
It may help regulate cholesterol and glucose levels.
Increasing lean muscle mass and endurance.
Detoxifying the body and eliminating cellulite.
Increasing vitality. *It also is a hunger suppressant.

Detoxifying the body and clean the circulatory system.
Stimulating the glandular function.
Rejuvenating the nerves, brain cells and endocrine glands.
Providing laxative, diuretic, and a phlebo therapeutic benefits.
It may reduce inflammation and preventing  atherosclerosis.

 VHP may help as an anti-stress formula that provides nutrients to help facilitate proper function of the nervous system. The formula contains one of the most favored herbs of Europe, passion flower, which is known for its calming effects. This combination is designed for occasional stress relief.

Dr. Ramirez Bio
            Doctor Felix Ramirez was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Doctor Ramirez received a Degree in Medicine from the University Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) in 1990.
In 1993 Doctor Ramirez became a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) and obtained a Doctoral Degree in Naturopathy from the Trinity College of Natural Health.
Dr. Ramirez focuses on educating his Clients on how to live healthy, not on treating any specific disease. Naturopaths empower clients to create internal and external environments that are conducive to good health.
The Natural Health Assessment tool Dr. Ramirez uses to consult his clients is Iridology (through observation of the Iris of the Eye). It identifies the Client´s potential strengths and health challenges without diagnosing disease.
Dr. Ramirez teaches Clients about herbs, homeopathic remedies, and the healing properties in foods and nutritional supplements. He does not prescribe drugs and pharmaceuticals.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Care Tips for Wigs

Washed, Layered Cut and Styled 
Long or short wigs take some extra work and consideration to keep them looking new and beautiful. I take care of my clients wigs. If you can not afford to drop them off here are some tips you can do at home.
Use a brush or wide toothed comb with flexible bristles to detangle your wig.
Starting from the bottom of the wig and working up, brush your wig, taking time to work out any knots. Combing away from the wig in a gentle sweeping motion  rather than brushing straight down will help prevent matting. Do not brush from the top of the wig downwards as this will cause tangles. Only brush or comb your wig when it is needed. Do not tug or pull on the wig fibers if you feel resistance when brushing. Instead, finger comb out sections of hair that have twisted together. Remove the wig to detangle it.
Some products may cause your wig to matt. Use wig specific detanglers and gels on long wigs.
Keep all original packaging and return your wig to it’s netting and bag after gently combing it. Long wigs can be loosely braided to prevent tangling while stored.
If you wash your wig, do not comb it while wet. Instead, wait for the wig to fully dry (air dried recommended) before brushing and styling.
I hope these tips help and if not we are available to care for it for you. :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is It Time For A Haircut?

For many of us, getting a haircut is a big step even a big deal. Even if you know you need a trim, you love your long hair so much that it’s tough to admit it’s time for a haircut. You may be trying to grow your hair to have the gorgeous curls and lengths of your favorite celebrity and you don’t want to disrupt the growth process. Here’s the good news: you can keep the number of cuts to a minimum, but you still need a couple of trims every year. I recommend a trim every 4 months to keep the dead ends off.

Adding shape to your hair, but keeping the length is what you want to go for. Here’s the scoop to help you decide if it’s time for a trim! When split-ends start taking over. Split ends can leave your hair looking stringy and flat, while a quick trim will bring back your full, thick look. When the tangles are too much. Stringy, split ends will result in more knots. And, when it’s tough to get the brush through, it’s time to get spruced. If your hair has a triangle shape. When your hair starts to grow into the shape of a triangle down your back, it’s time to get a cut. If your gorgeous locks start looking flat. If you have to resort to loads of product and your at-home blowout just doesn’t look quite right – it’s probably time for a cut.

It is important to communicate with you hairstylist. Take pictures and show you stylist your vision.  How about you – is it time for a cut?


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Herbal Life Supplements to Loose Weight and Feel Good

 If  you're considering the Herbalife diet program, then you are at the right place. I won this product on a giveaway and I absolutely love it. I replace 2 meals and have a sensible dinner. It fills me up and I think it tastes delicious with the Silk Coconut Milk with the Herbal Pina Colada shake. A must try. I am recommending you to contact a good friend of mine for more information. See below. Start now!

Please contact Stefani
Instagram @stefiiannefitness

Friday, January 10, 2014

6 Easy Tips To Help Your Skin Survive Winter



It's no secret that skincare should change with the seasons, but it can be tough to know what's best when the weather turns wicked. Here are a few simple things that you can do to keep your skin healthy all winter long so that it's fresh and glowing come spring:

1. Buff away dry winter skin

Buff away your dry winter skin and reveal a glowing complexion with a luxe body scrub. I look for a combination of sloughers (exfoliating granules) and softeners (natural oils) to leave my skin soft and hydrated. Something like AHAVA's Softening Butter Salt Scrub($25) is the perfect solution.

2. Seal in moisture

Once out of the shower, seal in moisture from head to toe. On my face, I like to amp up the hydration with the addition of glycerin and hyaluronic acid, while I opt for something lightweight and easy to apply from the neck down.

3. Ease up on cleanser

Colder weather means that it's time to lighten up your cleanser, because over cleansing can strip and irritate skin. I love Trish McEvoy's Gentle Cleansing Wash because it's creamy and soap-free. It's safe enough to be used on my eye area and easily rids my face of the day's makeup, without scrubbing.

4. Use non-drying products

If you use a facial serum or toner, make sure that it's extra gentle and nondrying. Skin tends to lose moisture in the winter, which can result in rebound oil production and more breakouts than usual.

5. Double down on hydration

If you find your skin to be extra dry, invest in a hydrating facial mask that doesn't need to be washed off and can be worn overnight.

6. Protect your hands and nails

Probably the most exposed to the elements, your hands and nails need extra protection this time of year. When it comes to a hand cream, the richer the better and a sweet scent doesn't hurt. Perlier's White Almond Hand Cream ($15), which sinks right in and soothes on contact.
I hope these tips are helpful in transitioning your skin through the bitter cold. If you've got additional tricks or products that are saving your skin this winter, I would love to hear about them in the comments! by  LaraRamos 
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