Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is It Time For A Haircut?

For many of us, getting a haircut is a big step even a big deal. Even if you know you need a trim, you love your long hair so much that it’s tough to admit it’s time for a haircut. You may be trying to grow your hair to have the gorgeous curls and lengths of your favorite celebrity and you don’t want to disrupt the growth process. Here’s the good news: you can keep the number of cuts to a minimum, but you still need a couple of trims every year. I recommend a trim every 4 months to keep the dead ends off.

Adding shape to your hair, but keeping the length is what you want to go for. Here’s the scoop to help you decide if it’s time for a trim! When split-ends start taking over. Split ends can leave your hair looking stringy and flat, while a quick trim will bring back your full, thick look. When the tangles are too much. Stringy, split ends will result in more knots. And, when it’s tough to get the brush through, it’s time to get spruced. If your hair has a triangle shape. When your hair starts to grow into the shape of a triangle down your back, it’s time to get a cut. If your gorgeous locks start looking flat. If you have to resort to loads of product and your at-home blowout just doesn’t look quite right – it’s probably time for a cut.

It is important to communicate with you hairstylist. Take pictures and show you stylist your vision.  How about you – is it time for a cut?



  1. So true. I was so ready to cut all my hair off, lost sleep over it because I thought it damage beyond repair. great post :)