Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gisell's every other day hair CARE (products I use personally)

My every other day routine!

 Yes, I love to take care of my hair. I also love to take care of my clients hair as well. Almost everyday someone ask me what I use on my hair. It is healthy and shiny.  So I am writting this little blog to inform all my beautiful readers my secret before it becomes a rumour lol!...

First I start with washing my hair with It's a 10 shampoo (with moisture), towel dry it throughly then followed by the It's a 10 conditoner.
I then use the It's a 10 leave in conditioner with keratin and blow out my hair straight. I blow out so good I hardly do not use my hot flat iron, but if I do use it I spray my hair before that with Its a 10 heat spray. Then to finalize my look I use the It's a 10 serum FOR SHINE. I love to shine everywhere I go... I also deep condition my hair weekly with either the Its a 10 deep conditioner or Redkens deep fuel.

Tell me what's your secret?


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