Friday, April 8, 2011

Review for all you Flat Iron Divas!

Fashion Fashionista Flat Iron by NuMe

As a professional hairdresser that I am, not only I am obssesed with products  but I also try different tools for hair. I must say I really like this  NuMe Fashionista hot pink iron. It is so light weight which that is a plus for us cosmetologists and our WRISTS and Carpal Tunnel. For best results use with NuMe Thermal Defense and follow with NuMe Finishing serum. The serum is absolutly non greasy and will not weigh your hair down.

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Gisell   ✂


  1. It sounds lovely! Love reading your blog (:

  2. Thank u heather. Come again! Xoxo

  3. Hola Gisell, encantada de conocerte y seguirte desde España!! Tu blog es muy completo y con buenísimos consejos...Espero mantengamos el contacto! Besos Marcela.

  4. Gisell, le he dado un premio a tu blog!!, pásate a recogerlo...,Espero te guste y lo publiques pronto. Besos, Marcela

  5. marcela muchas grasias. donde lo busco? lol dirme. ty marcela

  6. this flat iron sounds fantastic!! and im a big use and a fan <3