Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reviews on Yu-Be Skin Care Products

#1 in Japan products for dry skin

Great products for very, dry skin. I have to recommend to everyone. It works wonderful for my daughter's Eczema. After a few days it is just fading away. Yay to that! The products have glycerin, vitamin E, and camphor. (More on Vitamin EIt does have a strong scent due to the camphor but I PROMISE the smell fades quickly. I wish it contained SPF for sun rays protection but it does not. (More on Sun and Cancer) Some products are organic which is a plus, please visit the website for more information. You will be happy with the results.

Yu-Be Lip Therapy is an All-Natural lip balm (stick) with ingredients based on the original 50 year old Japanese Yu-Be formula including Vitamin E and camphor.
This product is highly effective for moisturizing, healing and soothing dry chapped lips. Please note that this product does not contain SPF protection.

Yu-Be Heel & Elbow Moisturizing Socks are made with an advanced bacteria-absorbing material called Chitosan (pronounced Kite-uh-san) that is both hypoallergenic and has remarkable anti-microbial properties to help eliminate odor and promote healthy skin.
  • 1 pair per box
  • 1 size fits all.

Replenishes, Soothes, Moisturizes

The same #1 selling Japanese formula from Yu-Be... now in a moisturizing body lotion.
Our glycerin formula with a unique blend of vitamin E, B2 and camphor provides ideal daily hydration and protection for many troublesome dry skin conditions.
The perfect year-round, all-over body moisturizer.

Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish.

Fine grains of rice bran combine with bamboo and gentle cleansing agents to create a luxuriously foaming scrub that washes away dry skin. Extracts of ginger root and ginseng tone and balance the skin, while green tea, geranium oil and camphor provide a soothing, refreshing sensation.
The Japanese bathing ritual or "ofuro" has been an important and sacred custom for many centuries. Baths provide both relaxation for the mind and improved health for the body by stimulating blood circulation.
Scrub away stress and layers of rough, dry skin cells by including Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish in your "ofuro".
  • Rice Bran
  • Bamboo
  • Ginger Root
  • Ginseng
  • Green Tea
  • Camphor
*Sulfate-free and paraben free.

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