Monday, October 15, 2012

Evidens de Beauté Skin care from Japan

Evidens developed six absolute beauty rituals inspired by Japanese tradition.
Everyone loves a good love story, especially when the story includes a skincare collection that delivers beautiful skin on contact. EviDens De Beaute was created using the finest ingredients from Japan and lot’s of Amor.Flipping through my favorite beauty magazines I knew that EviDens De Beaute was a special skincare collection, not only is the packing with pure elegancy, but the product inside these beautiful bottles delivers radiant, healthy and glowing skin.
My opinion:
Introducing you this high-end, skin care line. I have been using it for about 3 weeks everyday. I absolutely love it. I describe the line pure luxury. The products have a clean scent to them and very light feel on the skin. Please check out the website

Designed to suit any specific needs, you can apply The Serum every morning and/or night, before the Day Moisturizer on your clean face and neck. It can be used daily or for an intensive 30-day treatment. Massage a few drops on your face, finishing with more active strokes.
 The Day Moisturizer
 This lotion is a fine and luscious cream which creates an invisible and airy veil that seals the water into your skin, thus bringing immediate softness and comfort to your face. Day after day, The Day Moisturizer protects from aging signs, its efficiency is the result of a combination of inner stimulation and outer protection. The incredibly pure Eau de la Foux combined with the QAI® Complex agents ( Triple Collagen, Q10 co-enzyme, Amino Acids, Mulberry Root extract) and moisturizing and revitalizing agents smooth fine and deeper wrinkles while revitalizing.

Perfect using The Intensive Brightening Mask Sheets

 This efficient sheet mask is the true «booster» of the Brightening Saho. Highly concentrated in QAI® Complex agents ( Triple Collagen, Q10 co-enzyme, Amino Acids, Mulberry Root extract ) and in «Bright Domino Process» agents (Arbutin, Fullerene - Vitamin C), it combines the action of The Brightening Serum and The Brightening Cream for a dual effect on the appearance and removal of dark spots, while nourishing and protecting skin.

**This mask is not the ordinary one we apply and rise off. It is 5 masks in individual sachets presented in an case.
Definition: With its innovative format, meticulously developed and designed for easy use, especially when travelling or just before going out.
Use: Apply depending on your skin’s needs or how you are feeling. Take the mask wipe out of its sachet and carefully unfold it over the
face and neck. Leave it to work for at least 10 to 15 minutes and relax and enjoy the feeling of freshness. Remove it in an upwards
movement starting from the neck and finish off your beauty cure with The Serum and after with The Day or Night Moisturiser.

Cream Mask


This «youth glow» treatment features a rich, creamy texture and offers immediate comfort to dry, dull, dehydrated skin. The surprising plastic effect of the Cream Mask provides in one application all the benefits of a comforting moment to your skin. The very pure Eau de la Foux combined with a concentration of QAI® Complex agents ( Triple Collagen, Q10 co-enzyme, Amino Acids, Mulberry Root extract) and soothing and revitalizing agents, leave your skin smooth, plumped and visibly younger-looking, from the very first day.
Apply The Cream Mask according to your needs, twice or three times a week, on your perfectly cleansed face, neck and eyelids. Leave on for ten or fifteen minutes, then remove the remaining cream with a tissue or cotton wool using warm water.

I am obsessed with skin care. You only have 1 face so take care of it. If we can slow down aging then why not.