Thursday, October 25, 2012

Having fresh breath is part of Beauty Care with ID Stride Gum

A MAGNET! A magnet holds it together! It doesn’t open unless you want it to! It’s amazingly invented! Where has this gum been all my life? I am so excited and I love it.
The first chew it makes me think of actually chewing mint leaves, there’s just something natural about it that I enjoy. The flavor has more kick than the peppermint, but is still sweet enough. The flavor lasts and makes for an enjoyable chews. Hey I am telling you last for so long. I chewed and chewed for about 40 minutes timed and the smell was still going strong.

Overall Thought
I have to say that all three of these flavors were excellent! The packages are fun and who doesn’t love magnets? I also think the name of it is perfect!

Get your gum and enjoy that fresh mouth!!! and add some lipgloss!


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    1. Comments like these makes my day!!!!! Thank you