Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SoxxyAir - Support A Cause Support Your Legs!

Soxxy launches new stylish compression socks for flying, sports, work and medical support. 
Sarah Stabile is part inventor, entrepreneur and marketer. In 2010, she pulled out her glue gun and began drawing X’s and O’s on the inside top rim of her sox in order to prevent them from slipping. After two years of global development and sourcing, Sarah is proud to introduce the coolest non-slip sox on the planet. From stripes, spots and metallics in a variety of colors – Soxxy is changing-up this once dull category by combining high fashion with utilitarian function.
Soxxy’s hand selected group of brand ambassadors aka ‘Soxperts’ are creating buzz and driving sales in major cities and on college campuses.
In 1999, Sarah formed Hi-Impact Communications, a PR and marketing agency that has led successful campaigns on behalf of: Levi Strauss & Co., Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Panasonic, SKYY Vodka, Ian Schrager Hotels, San Francisco Grand Prix with Lance Armstrong, Air Asia and Don Q Rum.

Soxxy is a performance-fashion sock brand.

Soxxy socks come in ankle, knee and thigh-highs for women.

SoxxyAir is the only stylish, travel compression sock brand that gives back to charity (unisex).

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Once I receive a pair I will give my honest review. Come back soon.


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