Sunday, March 23, 2014

Valia Skincare Line

Valia Skincare is a 3-step beauty system that cleanses, hydrates, and nurtures from the insides out. I absolutely love it and you will too.

What first struck me about my Valia package was the actual packaging itself. It looks clean, simple and high end. And when you read about their natural ingredients, you can see why they decided to package their products this way. The cherry blossom design is just beautiful as well! So you see the Japanese culture in the packaging, in their story and in their ingredients. Have you ever heard of yuzu? It's a Japanese citrus fruit, which I personally love in the form of tea. But the citrusy fresh fragrance of the yuzu fruit refreshes you as you use their cleansers and hydrating cream! If you weren't feeling awake before you washed your face, you definitely will once you lather.
The products I received to try were the cleansing milk, purifying wash, hydrating creme and the Bloom supplements.

Valia Cleansing Milk this cleansing milk is very mild and gentle. It feels very smooth going on the skin so I like to use it in the morning. When I wake up, I don't need a heavy cleanser, just something to give me a fresh start to the day and get rid of the oil built up during the night so the cleansing milk is the perfect formula for that!
Valia Purifying Wash this face wash will do a little more work than the cleansing milk so I'll use it in the evening before I sleep. Once I wipe off my makeup with a moist towelette, I lather this rather soapy face wash to remove all dirt, oil and excess makeup. The yuzu scent is so nice and this wash includes tons of herbal extracts and essential oils that I know my skin will be vibrant.
Hydrating Creme this creme doesn't contain SPF so you can use it as your day or nighttime moisturizer. Warning: it is very light, almost like a gel formula. Honestly, this doesn't hydrate my skin enough during the winter. However, as you may already know, I'm obsessed with argan oil these days, but sometimes I like to add an extra layer of hydration so I will frequently use this creme on top of the face oil. In the summer, I think it would be the perfect moisturizer though. Also, if you have dry skin, check it out! It'll probably be perfect for your skin!.

If you're interested in trying out a natural line that's got tons of vitamins, essential oils and herbal extracts, I would definitely recommend this line. I've enjoyed using their products and I think you will too!
Mario Kimball


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