Thursday, June 11, 2015

Exposed Skin Care Products

This is my review on the Exposed Skin Care line. This is a four step night and day kit. It includes a facewash, toner, a day cream, a night cream, and a washcloth. The expanded kit has the moisturizer with it.

What It Claims: "Clearer skin in 30 days guaranteed. "
For me was its use of natural products. I have sensitive skin, so trying to stay away from harsh chemicals is a must. The website claims it is for all skin types and the acne medication part of their formula is suppose to be gentle for the skin. I love gentle products with gentle ingredients.
Product Texture/Application:
Step 1: Facewash: The first you do is wash your face. You only need a bit and it lathers up really well. I washed my face with lukewarm water and rinsed with lukewarm water.
Step 2: Toner: I think out of all the steps, the toner was my favorite. I applied it with a cotton square and it felt amazing on the skin. Instant cooling effect and it closes pores. One of my favorite products but the moisturizer wins for me.
Step 3:Clear Pore Serum (Night)/Acne Treatment Serum (Day): The night treatment cleans out your pores and fight acne at night. The day serum is suppose to prevent acne and keep the skin clear of those nasty acne producing bacteria.  They both spread very easily and you only need a wee bit amount. They both smell awful. I think out of all the bottles, these two are the worse. But then again, these are the products that are most important, so all the medication is here.
Step 4: Moisturizer: I loved. Kept my face moisturize all day. This part is very important to me.
Results/Review: I was IN LOVE with the product the two weeks I used the kit. My skin when to normal and I didn't get any other blemish. It also reduced or completely destroyed any acne I did have on my face. I really thought I found the perfect product for me and you.


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