Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to Protect Your Hair from the Summer Sun and Pools

Summer is coming – there’s really no stopping it – and, while that’s great news for all of us beach lovers, summer adventures often take a toll on our hair. Whether you’re out in the sun all day or are hitting the pool, the sun, salt and chlorine can destroy your mane. So what can you do protect it? Here are some tips you can try:
Rinse your hair before you go in the water. Sounds odd, right? If you saturate your hair in cool, clean water first, your hair is less likely to immediately absorb all that salt or chlorine. Think of the extra rinse as an extra layer of protection. I also apply a leave in conditioner and secure in a bun.

Rinse and repeat conditioner!  After spending a day at the pool or the beach remember to thoroughly rinse your hair with cool, fresh water when you get out of the water. You can even look for an after-pool chlorine rinse or shampoo to help get every ounce of those harsh chemicals out.

Sunscreen for your hair! Believe it or not, your hair is just as sensitive as your skin and lathering up with shampoo and conditioner that includes sun protection.

Moisturize. By giving your hair the extra moisture it craves, you can build up the strength in the shaft of the hair. This added strength will help your locks protect themselves from the penetration of chlorine and other harmful pool chemicals. In other words, load up on the conditioner and give your hair an extra special treat with occasional leave-in treatments. never enough protection, I say.

Get a regular trim. Trims will help the healthy hair stand strong against the tough UV rays, salt water and harsh pool chemicals. When your hair is already dry, its defenses are down and the results will just mean more dry hair. Trim those ends and start summer with a healthy head of hair.

Enjoy Summer 2015

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