Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Sculpted Face by IT Cosmetics
Follow the detailed face sculpting chart for reference. Apply as the final step in your makeup routine, over the top of your foundation. Using The Heavenly Luxe® Mega Fan Brush or the Heavenly Luxe® French Boutique Blush Brush, dust on one or more of the contour shades in areas that need to be minimized. The contour powder should be a few shades darker than your skin tone and should mimic the color of a natural shadow. Next, dust on one of the highlighting shades to areas that need a bit of enhancing. The highlighting helps maximize your best features by pulling them forward. Complete instruction guide included with special sections on how to enhance or hide each desired feature.
Key Benefits:
  • Maximize your most beautiful features, minimize others
  • Look 10 lbs. slimmer and 10 years younger instantly
  • Universal, perfect for all skin tones
  • Easy to use face chart included

I love to contour. I believe in because it does work.  For example: me. I have no cheekbones at all. I do have double chin and this works magic on me. I contour all my problems away and I highlight the parts I wish I had. That simple. Here is my results:

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