Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Daily Skin Care Step Routine

I always been obsessed with my skin. So there's no other way for me than to invest I good product to take care of my skin. At the end of the day is the only one I get to have so why not take care of it.

Here's a list in the exact order that I use them! I use many different products all the time. I will post here my go to products so you can have an idea of what I use but my routine is always the same.

Cleanser - I wash with half a pump of this then pat my face dry.

Face Moisturizer - I put two pumps of this all over my face and neck.

CC+ - I use a little on my red spots on my face.

Eyebrow pencil - I lightly line the bottom of my eyebrows with this pencil then brush and shape them. I wear the shade dark brown.

With this routine I can leave the house only wearing the CC + and of course my eyebrows done. Now I only wear more makeup if I want to get dolled up, not out of necessity!

Night Time Facial Care:

Cleanser - I wash with half a pump of this then pat my face dry.

Eye serum - I split a pea size of this serum on both eyes, patting it lightly under and around my eyes.

Face Serum - I apply all over my face and neck in an upward motion

I use deep cleansing mask once a week.

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