Tuesday, June 21, 2016

True Lipids Skin Care by Cheryl Lee MD

I am always looking for new beauty products. It is always good to change products every couple of months. Why is it always good to change the products into your skin care routine? Well because life changes, its not always the same. You got cyclical changes, you got environmental changes, and you also got emotional changes that can impact the way your skin looks. This formula was designed by a dermatologist and is a good choice for those who have issues such as eczema, extremely dry skin or dehydrated skin.

The lip balm and skin lotion applies smooth on the skin. The lip balm  has a creamy feel but it is not thick at all. Both products has absolutely no scent whatsoever. The lotion moisturize my skin and leaves it hydrated with out being heavy and looking shiny. I recommend 100% percent to everyone sensitive skin or not. It's that good! Please visit the website for more products. You will not be disappointed.


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