Friday, September 9, 2011

Beauty Interview with Krystle Couso from Jerseylicious

Behind every beautiful woman…is a great Makeup Artist! Let’s keep it real, looking good is very important to the ladies, especially when it comes to their makeup! Ladies, I am honored to introduce you to Krystle Couso a professional makeup artist. She discusses her profession, advice, and much more. Get to know Jersey’s own rising star from the StyleNetwork's #1 hit show Jerseylicious show.

Tell us a little about Krystle?

Krystle Couso creating perfection one face at a time..cause looking good is the greatest revenge twitter @KRYSTLECOUSO

I am a leo if u would like to know me google leo woman, I am woman hear me roar lol jk. People tell me I am instantly lovable very gullable in high school I won most gullable..most likely to hit a pedestrian and best hair.. I have a good heart,very loyal. Strong values and morals and a mentally strong..I am a christian, Im not perfect but I have a relationship with God don't take my kindness for weakess. I play dumb little do u know I am 10 steps ahead of u.. "I can be as cute and cuddlely as a lil cub but mess with the lion u get the CLAWS"-

Krystle: On Jerseylicious you show so much passion for doing makeup. How did you get into this career?
Im obsessed with makeup it has become quite an addiction, true life I'm addicted to makeup mtv come find me :):) when I was 3 I pretended to use my moms makeup and would stare at her mesmorized when she got ready.  When I was 12 I was looking through magazines wanting to look like the girls on the cover id go to sephora and buy it all..I enrolled in Barbizon modeling school went to nyc everyweekend with my dad, there he bought me my first set of makeup brushes in jr high id leave math class and do my makup all period in the bathroom, girls would soon follow me and id be glamin them up ontop of bathroom  counter and sinks! The day I turned 18 mac hired me.

If you had to go into business with one member from the Jerseylicious staff who would it be and why?

If I had to go into business with any member it would have to be Gayle or Tracy! Gayle is a smart business woman who's accomplished so much and a beautiful person inside and out, I know I could trust her..Tracy wants to open up her own runway makup hair thing and I think we would make a fab team.. put my makeup skills on someone hair she teased and we got americas next top model lmao

Let’s talk Hair…

Your hair is never lacking in shine; something many women want to achieve daily. What products do you use at home in the morning?

I wash my hair every 3 or 4 days but don't call me dirty! I use dry shampoo and shower with a shower cap..the natural oils in our hair keep it conditioned better then any 200 dollar hair mask ..I should bottle my hair oils lol jk that's gross..after a shower I let my hair fully airdry before blow drying,i hav an obession with morracan oil and my bf can't stop smelling my head check out

Do you wear hair extensions?

Hair extensions keratin ones from Jen Ravell of huntington ny..when I don't have them I use clip in hair extentions which I hand make myself..when I want feathers and colors extentions and when I need a blowout cut or color I go to ID SALON syosset ny 516.921.5541

How do you stay tan or is it natural?

I don't tan in beds i'm petrified of wrinkles,girls your skin can't rejuvitate itself or grow back like ur hair n nails can..the skin ur born w is the skin u die ,and u wear it forever so treat it kind. I am 24 years old snd I know 18 year olds who need botox NOT NORMAL, use spf in foudation and lotion. Suns rays go threw windows.. self tanner st tropez, fakebake.

Ever think of creating your own line of makeup, if so what would you name it?

I have my own makeup line just workin on branding, it will be availabe at

You come off as having major confidence, which we love! Where do you think that confidence comes from?

why thank u..I think my confidence comes from being happy with who i am on the INSIDE, I love the person I am and it shows outwardly, i am not jealous or threatened by anyone because I know what I have been BLESSED with.. the only time people are insecure is when there not happy with WHO they are so do some soul seaching and learn to love youselves..when it comes to appearence I try to take care of my skin, hair and body. My bf keeps me workin out and healthy he's a personal trainer

What’s the best beauty advice anyone’s given you?

best beauty advice: get facials atleast once every 3months if your skin is crappy. It doent matter how much cover up you wear u still wont look flawless, also focus the most on your makeup..I spend more money on makeup cuz if my hairs in a bun and i am wearing a juicy jumpsuit but my makeup is done and your face looks beautiful your hot no matter wat you are wearing lolll oh and heat your lash curler w ith a blow dryer!

What’s your must-have make up product you can't live without?

I can't live without anastacia and dior brow pencil, foundation, and bronzer .I also love a good contour.

Have you had the opportunity to work with celebrities, if not, who would you like to work with?

if I had a chance to work with a celeb it would be Kim Kardashian if she hired me to do her makeup then id truly believe I was the MAKEUP GODESS,client tell me i am

How do you define beauty?

define beauty I think everyone is beautiful in some way maybe someone has a face that's not concidered beautiful I bet that person still has the most gorgeous lips you've ever seen, or the longest eyelashes or the perfect brows, also" there's no point in having a PRETTY FACE if you got an UGLY SPIRIT" it takes away from your beauty..someone not good looking can have a sweet way about them that it actually makes me more attracted to them!

Who inspires you?

my mother inspires me everyday to be a better person then I was yesterday makeup wize...JLO, Kim K, Mario De Divanovic, and Alexis Vogel

That's all folks sorry for my novel. Stay GORGEOUS

Catch Krystle on Jerseylicious Sundays at 8 on the StyleNetwork.
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  1. Love your make up.. Gisell you asked all the right questions!!! I'm goin to get some marocon oil right now... :) jk jk but it is good... Come to Spa Soleil... We are holding it down in Bethlehem Pa..

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    1. Ty i also love this post! are you following me here? i hope you are and twitter @gisellstylist

  4. I love the quote at the beginning!

  5. Great Interview! This show is one of my guilty pleasures;)