Tuesday, September 20, 2011



How do you check for breast cancer? With the rapid increase of women who are affected by the disease, it is imperative that women become advocates for their own health. You must become proactive in your health examinations. Monthly self-breast examinations should be apart of your healthy health checkups. If you are unclear as to how to conduct a breast examination, here is how to check for breast cancer and also you can ask your gyno doctor for steps at home check up.

  • stand naked infront of a mirror. Get to know your tatas. Feel them and look for any changes from month to month.
  • check your nipples and even squeeze lightly for any discharge of any kind.
  • make sure you check from the armpit area and sides of the breasts.
  • It is important to know, if you find something early it is a better chance to survive this.
  • Pass the word not only we save our tatas, but we save our mothers, daughters, nieces, aunts and grandmothers.
I lost a very dear family member years ago, let me inspire you and check up asap!

Let's fight this and find a cure!

Thank you so much for reading!


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  3. I plan on doing a breast cancer post in October, I love to buy stuff that goes to breast cancer. The bonus is it is almost always pink! :o)

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